NIGHT TRAVELER: I Travel In The Night (Sweet Dreams) - fun traveling videos - NIGHT TRAVELER:I Travel In The Night (Sweet Dreams)I am a traveler of the nightMy world collides with yoursYou cannot control my intrusionMy presence is never even knownYou see, I know who you areYou have no secrets from meYour deepest inner thoughtsAre no longer your ownIt doesnt matter where you areOr even what time it may beOnce you close your eyes to sleepI am right there by your sideI have access to a secret doorEntering and exiting as I pleaseYour dreams are no longer your ownI have become a part of your worldI walk quietly in your mind as you sleepYou do not know I am thereConsciously influencing your sub-consciousGuiding you within your dream worldI am the one who is responsibleFor interrupting your normal thought patternsTo inject hidden, suppressed memory agentsCreating that special, dark twist that adds confusionOnce you reach your R.E.M. State of sleepI enter your mind and move freelyRe-arranging your subconscious existenceTo project my vision of what I wish you to seeYour sleep world is as active as when you are awakeYet, I do not allow you to remember the detailsSometimes, you find yourself haunted by the unknownI leave only enough memory to create uncertaintyAt times I may feel in a giving moodAnd just leave you alone to get your sleepBut even then, should you begin to driftI step in and cleanse your mind of activityI can cause you to smileI can make you sweatI can make you cryI can instill pure fearYour dreams are no longer your ownThey are mine and I allow and control themWhile you sleep, I remain with youYour nighttime hours belong to meSweet DreamsVic Damico 2013 - great traveling videos - - look at traveling videos - - -