Ngawi Terios Car Rental

For you fans of the sport utility vehicle (SUV), Daihatsu Terios be your choice when Terios Car Rental in Ngawi. With the terrain in Ngawi uphill, posterior could be your choice. This car was entered in the Low class SUV that you can use to travel with a fairly challenging terrain such as terrain climbing and so forth. Daihatsu Terios also has a spacious cabin and a handsome design. Want to know more about this car? Following a review of this Daihatsu car output.
Ngawi Terios Car Rental with Powerful Engines
Before you rent a car Terios Ngawi, it helps you understand the specifications of this Mobin. Daihatsu Terios use 3SZ-VE engine doch VVT-I, with a water-cooled cylinder capacity of 1500 cc. The maximum power generated is 109 ps / 6000 rpm, while the maximum torque of 14.4 kgm / 4400 rpm. Daihatsu Terios tank capacity of 45 liters is reached. The machine can regulate the supply of fuel and compare with step machine, making energy released more resilient and efficient on fuel consumption.
For security features, this car using the body TAF (Total Advanced Function) that performance of absorb the effects of the collision when the collision or accident, so that later the users and all who are in the Daihatsu Terios become safer and restrained in his seat. Then have a complete braking system features Anti-Loc Broaking System to prevent wheel lock or slip while you doing sudden braking. There are also dual airbags.
Ngawi Terios Car Rental with Luxury Interior
Daihatsu Terios car fit up to 6-7 people, and is followed loosely enough luggage space on the back seat 3rd shift large capacity, makes users freely. Terios using new upholstery and sun glass holder. Thick dashboard design with black and silver chrome accents on the center cluster, giving the impression of elegance and luxurious. Mobil has a myriad of advanced features that make driving more comfortable. Such as the Audio / Video Double Din with Aux and USB Connector is equipped with four speakers who will give an acoustic wave that spoil your ears and makes driving more fun to use on the way. On the safety side, Terios with the Type R is equipped with ABS, the automatic transmission type, and also alarm. Passenger comfort in the rear was equipped with AC double blower, ease and convenience of others is also seen easily adjust the position and fold the passenger seat using only one lever. For the latest variant on the Daihatsu Terios, you'll find a camera backwards or reverse camer to help the driver when trying to park his car. These things can be one of your considerations for Terios Car rental Ngawi
Exterior Terios
Very easy to fall in love with a dashing design Terios from the outside seem like Car rental CRV in Ngawi. This car has a dimension of 4385 x 1695 x 1695 mm on the type of TS and for TX 4385 x 1745 x 1740 mm. Terios using 215/65 R16 tires and wheel designs allow design. This car has a bumber Guard with Front Skid Plate located on the front bumber that make the car look tough and masculine. There is also a Projector Headlamp also provide maximum light but will not dazzle. There are five colors of this car is black, dark gray, gray, icy white, and royal red. The more color variants for those of you who are interested in rental Terios Ngawi.
Terios Car Rental Tips
Before you hire a car Daihatsu flagship SUV, there are some things you should consider. The first is related to fuel consumption. Daihatsu Terios is known as a fuel-efficient car with fuel consumption of 1 liter to 12 km, of course the size of the fuel consumption is quite frugal with seeing the vehicle on the vehicle class SUV. It also endurance car. This car can be fairly tough on the size of SUVs. In addition, the features offered is also quite complete, especially in the latest variant Terios increasingly equipped with safety features such as ABS brakes and airbags. Before you rent a car, make sure you check all the fittings of the car.
Well, such a review about Daihatsu Terios, may be able to provide information for those of you who want to rent a car Terios in Ngawi.