NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia, Singapore: Life Coaching

Life Coaching For The Successful Leader/ And PartnerWhy this program?Many of us are aware of the need to proactively think, and do something to better prepare ourselves for life-after-corporate. Some of us may be self-employed/business owners who are pondering over the question of "What's next?" However, you may have done minimal beyond thinking, or, you may not have found the time, or know how to go about even thinking about such issues.As medical and health care expertise continues to improve, we can expect a longer life span. This makes pro-active planning for your life that much more important as we need to keep active both mentally and physically for as long as we live.This Program has been developed to coach you through the thinking process and putting together a take-away plan to implement.As these are life-style impacting issues you will be contemplating, and eventually making decisions on, you are encouraged to also enroll your life partner for the Program.Objective:At the conclusion of the 2-days residential program, you (and your partner), would have developed a heightened sense of self awareness and be much clearer of your options moving forward.Agenda:Understanding myself - interests, skills, personality type, and what these all meanCoaching - options for me/us - geographic location/s, tenure, career/work/interest options, financial implications, family and personal encumbrances, health etcTake-away action plan - what, involvement of whom, time frame, investment costs, etcYour Life Coaches:Paul Heng, CMF, ACC Clement Ong, CMF, ACC, CFPYour next Step:Contact Paul Heng at or Tel (65) 6323 6626