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Most of the "how-to" job search guidebooks that are available in the local bookstores are all from the western parts of the world. This book is written with the Asia job market in mind. Although many of the job search techniques are the same anywhere in the world, Asians will find this book very relevant to their local market, as it tends to reflect many of the nuances found in local cultures. This book, thus, is for anyone and everyone who wants to know the way to effective job search in Asia.
In the new economy, the one-job career is pass. In its place is the multiple-jobs career and you need to manage it to stay employable. Whether through pro-active management of your career or arising from on-going corporate restructuring, you will be faced with many occasions when you have to look for a new job.
This book takes you through the many stage of the job search exercise and shares with you, from the perspective of a job search consultant, the things (some obvious and others not so) you can do to make that difference to the results of your job search efforts.
As we are now in an era of continuous change (corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, etc.) and multiple-job careers, regardless of whether you are a top senior executive in a multi-national organization or a soon-to-be entrant to the corporate battlefield, this book will be extremely useful and valuable for you in your career management, job search efforts and most importantly of all; taking charge of your career.
Table Of Contents
1. Career Management/Self Audit. Career management needs to be given greater weightage in your career. Start from here. Learn of some exercises you can do to have a better grasp of your current career situation. Includes worksheets for you to work on, too.
2. Making A Career Switch. How's and why's of a career switch. Should you or should you not? Find out what is involved in a career switch and the associated challenges.
3. Preparing your 'Self-Marketing Materials'. Includes resume and cover letter writing. Purpose of a resume, why the need for a proper resume to be written. This is your key marketing tool - learn how to do it professionally, without having to fork out hundreds of dollars for it to be done by others.
4. Job Search Strategies. Besides relying on the usual newspaper advertisements, other avenues of securing job leads are discussed. Each comes with their pros and cons, what are they?
5. Networking. The proven, most effective method of securing job leads. What networking is and what it is not, how to's.
6. Job Interviews. Must read. Many job hunters are disqualified at this stage of the exercise. Learn the secrets of what to do, what not to do, and how having a positive frame of mind is one of the top keys to interview success.
7. Managing the Headhunters. Properly managed, headhunters can be a wonderful source of help. Find out how they operate and what not to do if you wish not to irk them.
8. Tracking Your Job Search Progress. Probably the most administrative portion of the job search exercise. The importance of self-discipline in keeping proper records of your job search exercise. Work sheets provided for the reader's use.
9. Playing the Waiting Game. Finding not doing anything difficult? Here are a few pointers for you to use. Fancy a walk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, anyone?
10. Deciding on Which Job Offers to Pursue. Work sheets to help the reader along in deliberating the job offer they will have. The key is to compare them light-for-light.
11. Negotiating Your Remuneration Package. Probably an art rather than a science. Have fun doing the negotiations but read this chapter first to acquire a couple of how-tos.
12. Succeeding in Your New Job. Finally. You start work in your new job. Find out what you should do and what you should not to keep yourself from being fired from your new job!
13. Taking the Plunge into Entrepreneur-ship. Always good to have other options. Here's one popular one. Learn from my experience, and benefit from them.
14. Especially for those over 45. A special place in my heart always for this group of readers. I have worked and met with many, many job seekers in this category. Skip the rest of the chapters and read this first. The author does not promise you a magical solution to your woes in dealing with employers' hiring mindset, but he does have a couple of experiences and advice to share with the reader.
15. Especially for those who have just begun. Our future corporate leaders. Some practical tips for the reader but again, no off-the-shelf solutions for them.
16. Outplacement & Your Job Search. The main focus of my current business. Learn more about outplacement and how you can make use of your outplacement consultant to the best of your advantage. What are the qualities of a top-notch consultant, find out in this chapter.
17. Maintaining Employability. Check out some of the key qualities you must possess to insure your ability to maintain employability. Having relevancy in the employment market is important, not keeping your current job.
18. Conclusion.