New York Tops List Of Most Expensive Cities For Beach-ready Beauty - Ny Daily News

The Big Apple is the priciest place for woman to prep for summer, according to a new study comparing the cost of manicures, pedicures, and bikini waxing. Our Bikini Price Index is $117, three bucks more than second-place finisher Seattle and four bucks more than foggy San Francisco, according to the study by , a lifestyle booking website. All three cities were well above the national average of $97 for the pre-beach treatments. The cheapest place to primp is sunny Orlando, at $78. New Yorks bikini index is likely inflated thanks to an abundance of A-list salons, such as The Red Door spa on Park Ave. South, where waxing and nail services for the 1% can run $175. Prepping for a day on the beach is expensive for women in New York City. Its almost cheaper to go to Rio to get that Brazilian. But New York women know better. visit

Crop Tops For Men, Not Just For Women, The Newest Fashion Sales Trend?

That's right: sundresses, crop tops and rompers and tons of cute summer outfits with enough room and yesbra strap coverage! The Full Cup range that's crafted to highlight curves while hiding bra straps. The indie brand has a lot of wares on its site that are flowy, a touch boho, and, as such, not always the most bra-friendly. Designers worked to ensure each of the new pieces will conceal a bra, as well as being tailored to flatter a full bust. I'm extra-excited about the news because the press releases notes this is only the beginning of "a new series of capsule collections designed for women of all shapes and sizes." Have you ran into summer style problems before because of your bustling? What do you think of this collection? Photos: Courtesy of brand visit

U.S. Tops List Of Best Countries For Women Entrepreneurs - Forbes

For example, in the U.S. only 3-5 percent of venture financing goes to women-owned businesses. Effective networking can open doors Networking with other entrepreneurs and having access to the Internet helps create opportunities for female entrepreneurs. In particular, the Internet provides new ways of networking that eliminate temporal and geographic, as well as gendered social constraints, that can limit womens access to information and resources. In the U.K., 78 percent of Internet users are women, compared with less than 7 percent in India and Uganda. Technology enables business growth Technology is an essential component for fostering high-potential female entrepreneurship. While research and development does not guarantee successful growth, without systematic research activity, new product development and future growth will be inhibited. Turkey and Egypt scored very low in this area while Japan and the U.S. visit

Sundresses, Crop Tops and Rompers for Big-Busted Women From Reformation:

Although the fad was more popular with women back in the 1990s it is claimed we may see a resurgence of the crop tops just like other fashion trends eventually tend to be recycled (I just highly doubt the powdered wigs, suits, and shoes with bow ties for men will ever make a comeback). Designer Kresha Bajaj has been trying to push the return of the crop tops, and according to the designer this fashion is old, just not revolutionary war old: Crop tops have always been in the fashion scene from as early as the forties and fifties and reigned supreme till the nineties. They did lose popularity in the noughties only to return with a bang a couple of years ago. Making a summer appearance with cute bustier-skirt sets, crop tops became the favourites of the season. From casual tees with a sporty vibe to loose beachy styles and elegant bustiers; I love them because you can dress them up or down so easily. visit