New York Regulates Tax Preparers As U.s. Irs Effort Drifts

1040 Individual Income Tax forms are seen in New York March 18, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New York this month became the fourth U.S. state to regulate unlicensed tax return preparers, at a time when consumer advocates are pushing for more state oversight as a federal crackdown stalled. Nearly 80 million Americans pay someone to prepare their tax returns. While most of this work goes smoothly, some does not. Tax return preparation problems - some inadvertent and some deliberate - occur frequently among small, mom-and-pop tax return firms, according to government watchdogs. Read more:

Capital New York could open more avenues for Politico

stays ahead NEW webpage YORK (CNNMoney) Politico, which has transformed coverage of Washington, D.C. personalities and policy-making, is now finding out if it can clone itself. In the three months since acquiring a start-up news website in New York, called Capital , Politico has tripled the site's staff and focused in on three city- and state-size topics: City Hall, state government and the media. At the beginning of December, Capital formally relaunched with a new website design and a preview of a paid subscription service that is modeled after Politico's paid service. Now Politico owner Allbritton Communications -- and many competitors in Washington and New York -- are watching to see whether readers and advertisers flock to the Empire State spin-off. Read more:

New York mayor-elect's teen daughter shares struggles in video

It became a joke between us. I could cut back to three days a week, but what would I do with two extra days? He was a treasure, WINS News Director Ben Mevorach said in a tribute Monday. And he was treasured by all who were fortunate enough to circle within his constellation. Speaking about Brooks 50th anniversary at WINS in 2012, Mevorach marveled that despite being 85, He still beats reporters half his age to the scene of a story. RELATED: RADIO ICON STILL BIG NEWS Bryan Smith for New York Daily News Stan Brooks, shown here in the New York City Hall press room working as the voice of WINS-AM, has died at 86. Reporting the news never gets old to me, Brooks said last year, because every celebs story is different. While he covered city, national and international events, he said the story that stuck with him most strongly was the 1971 Attica rebellion. He was outside the prison, waiting in the rain, when we smelled the tear gas that signaled Gov. Nelson Rockefellers move to retake the prison. Forty-three people died. Read more:

Stan Brooks, longtime voice of news radio 1010 WINS, dies at 86 after cancer diagnosis

View gallery Chiara de Blasio, daughter of Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio hides in the NEW YORK (Reuters) - The teenage daughter of New York City's next mayor, Bill de Blasio, released a video on Tuesday in which she discusses her battle with depression and substance abuse while directing viewers to a website where they can get help. The nearly 5-minute video was released by the mayor-elect's transition team on Christmas Eve, days before de Blasio takes office on January 1. "Getting sober is always a positive thing," said Chiara de Blasio, 19, who was a regular presence in her father's mayoral campaign this fall. "We really can't do anything as a society to help those people until we start talking about it. And nobody can do sobriety on their own." De Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray, and their children have played a prominent role in his political career. An ad this summer featuring his bi-racial son, Dante, became one of the most talked-about ads of the campaign and helped boost de Blasio's popularity among minority voters concerned about controversial police tactics. Read more:

New York Fuels Gain as Delta Plans Turnaround at Trainer Plant

Ultra low sulfur diesel gained 0.25 cent to a premium of 1 cent. Delta plans to shut a crude unit and isocracker next week at the Trainer plant in Pennsylvania . Crews will carry out 35 to 40 days of maintenance at the No. 543 crude unit while conducting a catalyst changeout on the isocracker, said Adam Gattuso, a refinery spokesman. The 185,000-barrel-a-day plant is operated by Delta (DAL) subsidiary Monroe Energy LLC. Read more:

Man, Child Die After Fall From New York City Building (VIDEO)

The fact is, of course, that all the best skyscrapers were built by private builders, often in the face of substantial public opposition. And public skyscrapers are generally worse, not better: just look at the original World Trade Center, built by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, with its destruction of Radio Row and Greenwich Street, its forbidding windswept plaza, and its inability to attract tenants for decades after it was built. In general, if the public is asked whether they want any new skyscraper, the answer will always be no even as they love the iconic tall buildings theyve lived with for years. (There was a general consensus that something should restore the skyline after the World Trade Center news was demolished, but thats the exception that proves the rule.) Kimmelman, in particular, seems to think with no real evidence to support him that public review would improve the quality of architecture built that it would allow the towers he likes (111 West 57th Street, 432 Park Avenue) while disallowing the towers he doesnt like. The Nordstrom Tower, for example, features a cantilever which, Kimmeleman says, turns it into a giant with one foot raised, poised to squash a poodle). Thats certainly not the way I would describe the renderings weve seen so far. But no one likes a massive new building project going ahead in their neighborhood, especially not when they can turn the whole thing into a zero-sum game of proles versus plutocrats, as Windolf does. Read more:

The new era of the New York skyscraper

It was just heartbreaking. I have two kids of my own. They tried to do the best they could," Ortiz told the newspaper. Authorities said the father did not live in the building listed as South Park Tower, which is a short distance away from Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center. Police investigating the deaths left the building in the mid-afternoon to photograph a gray Lexus RX350 parked nearby. Read more: