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Well i just spent the past two days off of work again seeing doctor after doctors and a they are all telling me the same thing.  Frsybro. They said it is getting worse and that is why i am having some many problems with fatigue and memory problems and depresson.  He feels it its time to go part time and maybe down the road start thinking about disability.
This is very hard for me to hear, i am a very strong willed person who likes taking care of others and to be told i have to take care of me i don't know how to do that. Plus my current employer does not allow for part time so i will have to leave my current job and do WHAT!!!.   All I have are medical billing and Administrative skills, I make real good money right now i just don't know what i am going to do.  I would love to work from home but i dont know doing what.
So many emotions right now i cant seem to keep my thoughts straight, not to mention to fatigue and stress of the disease is getting me down.
Looking for words of encouragement and insight how others have coped with having to cut back and slow down



Just take a deep breath. I am a very visual person so maybe you need to write down pros and cons of going part time. There are a lot of ways to supplement your income with part time positions. Administrative skills are an asset to any company and I am sure you can use them in various positions. I have found that schools are a great place to work because of the time off, the definate weekends, and the weekday hours are not too bad. I am currently in an Administrative position at a school and will be going back to teaching next year. there is actually a lot of flexibitly with schools, and there are quite a few jobs in the district offices, etc. that you may qualify for. Take a look around. Sometimes a little change and the chance to take a little break will benefit you in the long run. You are your main priority.
Good Luck, let me know if you want to chat more about it, I am an open ear.

I can understand and dealing with similar issues and as much as I want to keep my job, that I also like and I\'m at the top of my pay scale, I have to face reality. The fatigue, joint pain and stiffness for me has been consitent for the last 10 years and has gotten worse. I have short term/long term disability option at work, and I had to apply because my last flare has had me in bed for 3 weeks. I was better yesterday and this morning, I\'m sitting here looking for support from others that understand because I\'m getting very depressed. Anyway, enough about me.

I\'m an administrative assistant with our local county, with bookkeeping experience and lots of administrative experience. Because I\'ve been so sick, I began to look at options for work that I could do from home and have been looking a lot at Virtual Assitant. Have you heard of it? Let me know and I can e-mail you a few links and names of people that I talked to about setting this up. Like everything else; it takes time to build a business, but it\'s real, unlike the million work from home schemes that are advertised and are not real. e-mail me at if you like