New Ipad Air With Same Design, 8mp Rear Camera, And Stronger A8 Chip Enters Production This Month |

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The design of the sixth-generation full sized iPad will mimic that of the current model and the display resolution will stay at 2048 x 1536, according to ETNews. The new iPad Air will sport a more advanced A8 processor, which sources previously noted focuses on efficiency and battery performance for the iPhone (likely for the iPad too): Sources also say that Apple has developed a new A8 system-on-a-chip for the next iPhone that focuses on marginal speed improvements rather than core architectural changes, but adds significant performance and efficiency enhancements in order to improve the iPhones battery life. With a larger, higher-resolution display combined with the next iPhones far thinner body , the A8 chip will be essential to maintaining the seamless, fluid iPhone experience that Apple prides itself on. The new rear-camera is expected to move from a 5 megapixel sensor to an 8 megapixel sensor (which would bring the tablet in line with the latest iPhones), and the front camera could make the jump from 1.2 megapixels to 1.5 megapixels. Thats a small jump on paper, but will likely make significant improvements in the quality of FaceTime calls and Photo Booth selfies. Full story:

That absence deems it an un-releasable bird by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, according to McCorkle. When it was rescued, he explained, the talon was found torn and had to be amputated. Though McCorkle understands that the surgery may have definitely hindered its ability to hunt game in the wild, he has confidence that it can be treated. Orlando Sentinel The eagle was rescued as a fledgling and had to have one of its talons removed after it was found mangled. Full story:

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Click Format popup and choose the FIT option named Flexible and Interoperable Date Transfer (FIT) Activity file. Then use the File Name(s) button to launch the open dialog, and navigate to your file on the Garmin. In the lower half of the window, choose GPX XML as the output format, click the File Name button to choose a destination, and then click OK. I chose GeoTagrs Dropbox folder: ~/Dropbox/GeoTagr GPX/ as the destination because thats where well need the GPX file for the next step. Once the conversion is complete, youll see the terminal command that was used to do it right down there in the window. Full story:

Gadget review: The Sony Cyber-Shot QX10 camera mother of all selfies? |

When detached from the phone, it was indeed a great selfie experience, compared to most smartphones, whose front camera is never as good as the back camera, and for sure not as good at 18 megapixels! The Sony X10 can be even placed at a reasonable distance from the person/group, and can be controlled from the phone (make some tests to see what the most suitable distance is for your phone-camera connection). The X10 camera comes in black and white (if color matters and it might when youre attaching a black camera it to your white phone), and it has a sister, the X100, slightly bigger, 20 megapixels, equipped with the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lenses. The Sony QX10 sells for prices between RON 925 (at, RON 949 (at, and RON 949 (Altex) so the equivalent of some EUR 210-EUR 215. Full story: