New in 2014 - The Best Ways to Use SEO to Get More Exposure For Your Facebook Fan Page

If you've always dreamt of getting the kind of exposure Facebook would lend your brand, you'd better make a Facebook fan page if you haven't already because that's exactly how to do it. You can promote your fan pages and get lots of visitors in various ways, but you should always be searching for the very best way. Optimize your fan page for the major search engines and you'll see targeted traffic coming your way at no cost. The good news is that most fan pages aren't optimized at all, and so you already have a leg up on the competition. The following three SEO tips will help you get more traffic and fans to your Facebook fan page than ever before.
One of the primary areas you want to put emphasis into is the 'info' tab where you'll want to put your keywords and links. The info tab should be where you put information about what your page is intended to do, and metadata related to your page in this area has a great effect.
That is why it's important to utilize these fields for keywords and any important links you want to use. This will increase your chances of having your fan page ranked better in the search engines. Include links in the live stream of your fan page. Updating your status message often with links to the fan page and to other websites that are related to it can also grow the link score of your fan page. This also helps Google know to boost your page ranking due to your increasing popularity. But just keep in mind that you should do this moderately and not overdo it because that would trigger the spam alarm. Your aim should be to provide quality content on your fan page and at the same time impress the search engines.
Your page must not be a simple landing page, and this is very important. Facebook allows you to make your page look how you want it, so you use that ability. You will also receive plenty of SEO benefits. This is why you will want to make sure your landing tab is made exactly to the specifications of your target audience, and you must tell them what you want them to do.
Give people more than just one reason to become a fan of your page. Don't just let people land on your wall and then not have anything about your product or brand. This means that it won't have any real impact on anyone visiting your fan page the first time. It looks as though Facebook is a social networking tool that is going to be around for a while. Learning to leverage the power of Facebook and its growing base that already includes millions of members is a powerful tool for growing your business. Providing a quality fan page is one way you can get highly targeted exposure for your business. Combine that with the powerful tips above for better search engine optimization and watch your business really take off. The more effort you put into promoting your fan page, the better will be the response you get.