New in 2014 - How to Get More People to See Your Facebook Fan Page Using SEO

Proper promotion of Facebook fan pages is one of the biggest problems marketers need to solve today. Having a large fan base is very important which is why it is important that you get people to visit and like your fan page. Search engine optimization is one easy method of getting your page in front of as many eyes as possible. It's true: you can easily do good SEO on your fan page so that it will get fresh traffic from the major search engines regularly. The very best part about your day is that the people who see your page because of searching on the search engines will actually be interested in what you have to offer. This article will talk about three simple tips that you can use when you work on your Facebook page's SEO to ensure that you'll get a good sized traffic boost.
The first thing you need to make sure of is that your Facebook fan page name and your brand name are the same. In other words, make sure you consider the name of your page carefully as only the right name will do. You should really go for a name that describes the type of business you're running and that identifies with you the best. This is why your brand name will always do, as you don't want be seen as a scammer by having a lot of vague keywords and phrases in your name. One other thing that's important to mention about your Facebook page name is that it shouldn't be changed once you decide on it. The name of your page is used by Google to place it in the search results, so modifying the name can affect your search engine position. The reason this happens is because Google uses the title of a page to determine where to place it in the results, and if you change anything Google will start at square one when determining where you place you.
When you are including photographs, make sure you use captions and also make sure you describe your events properly.
When you're positing photos on your Facebook fan page, have keyword-rich descriptions to take advantage of the SEO benefits and bring in more zest to your fan page; make it more interesting. Another great aspect of Facebook is that whenever you share anything, Google will index it. So use these features as best you can because they will help you get an advantage over your competitors.
Lastly, make sure you are not using a generic landing page with your Facebook page. Since Facebook gives you the ability to customize where your traffic will land, make sure you use it. Your search engine results will also be helped. For this reason, tailor make your landing tab according to who your target audience is, and tell them what action you want them to make.
You should give your visitors more than one purpose for joining your page. Don't be one of these people who creates a page without information about their product or brand so that visitors have no idea why they're there. This means that it won't have any real impact on anyone visiting your fan page the first time.
Thus, it is clear that applying some SEO to your Facebook page is beneficial because it will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your page. You shouldn't let go of any opportunity to drive more traffic to your fan page because ultimately, the higher number of fans you have the more exposure you'll get. You have to treat your fans well because they are just like your email subscribers.