New Health Insurance Exchanges Want Young, Healthy People

15 If You Want Your Benefits To Kick In At The Start Of The Year. You have time to consider your options. You can start signing up for health insurance Tuesday through Covered California, the state's new marketplace. The earliest policies take effect is Jan. 1. You'll need to buy a health plan no later than Dec. 15 if you want your benefits to kick in at the start of the year. Enrollment for the state exchange runs through March 31. Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program, accepts applicants year round. top article,0,5399224.story?track=rss It Hopes To Counter Enroll America's Efforts With "good-looking" Ambassadors Bearing Their Message, According To The Group's President, Evan Feinberg. You Can Start Signing Up For Health Insurance Tuesday Through Covered California, The State's New Marketplace. Competition for the support of the young may be the most fierce. Enroll America is using campaign-style data tools to identify the uninsured through census and consumer marketing data and then going door-to-door to find them. Young Invincibles has developed mobile phone apps to connect elusive younger people with the resources they need to sign up, basing the technology on Pew survey findings that African Americans and Latinos groups with higher rates of uninsured tend to use their phones more than other devices to get information about services available to them. On the other side, Generation Opportunity this fall plans a college bus tour to 20 campuses across the country. It hopes to counter Enroll America's efforts with "good-looking" ambassadors bearing their message, according to the group's president, Evan Feinberg. In Hollywood, Farah and his creative team will be seeking those same eyeballs guided by the Teddy Roosevelt quote that is framed on his office bar cart, which attests that credit belongs to the man "in the arena." He is loath to reveal the celebrities who will be joining him there, not wanting to deprive his audience of the element of surprise. But he agrees to show one video, which makes the case to sign up for insurance with the laugh-cringe moments you might expect from Funny or Die: a little girl tumbling head-first off her rocking horse, a skateboarder's ill-fated trick, a boy attempting a jump on his bike and ending up limp on the asphalt. " Valerie Jarrett loved this video," Farah said, referring to Obama's trusted aide. see this page,0,999216.story?track=rss In Europe, the biggest increase was in 15- to 24-year-old men. The researchers saw no change in the global suicide rate for women, although there was a slight increase in suicides among women from the Americas. The team found bigger increases in suicide rates in countries that used to have low unemployment. David Gunnell, a public health researcher at the University of Bristol in England who helped lead the study, said men were probably more inclined than women to commit suicide because they tend to be the breadwinners of their families and therefore felt more pressure in the face of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. Men are also more likely to commit suicide in general. This type of observational study cant prove that higher unemployment caused the additional suicides, Gunnell said. However, the results are consistent with earlier research linking unemployment to higher rates of depression, offering strong evidence that the recession was the culprit. The findings serve as a warning that countries should not cut back on mental health services in times of austerity, Gunnell said. The results also identify people who are at-risk, which could help public health officials target their intervention efforts. check out here,0,3433128.story?track=rss To: New health insurance exchanges want young, healthy people California's health insurance market is opening Tuesday. Obama's plan will work as envisioned only if millions of healthy people join and offset the bills racked up by sicker ones. By Chad Terhune October 1, 2013, 5:00 a.m. Older and sicker Californians are likely to be first in line for guaranteed health coverage as the state's new insurance market opens Tuesday as part of the landmark healthcare law . Like shoppers queuing up for bargains on Black Friday, people such as 52-year-old James Craig, an uninsured day laborer, say they can't wait to get their insurance cards. more tips here,0,2616906.story?track=rss