New Entry in Mobile Commerce

Yes, mobile commerce has - - arrived and it is experiencing a tremendous growth with each passing day. Be it a new mobile shopping application tool that helps you to browse through product galleries with just a few clicks or mobile commerce services like bill payment and ticket booking m-commerce has spread its branches everywhere.
The one sector that is already dominating the market after the advent of mobile commerce is retail. Nowadays, most people dont have the time to go for shopping, visit dozens of stores, and then make their choice. That is why the mobile shopping applications have been extremely useful for people who have limited time on their hands. All they need to do is install this app and they can have a fabulous shopping experience within a short span of time.
Tablet devices are ruling the roost in the world of m-commerce. According to the latest report by Forrester, the famous research firm, the buying of products and services through tablet devices will increase in 2011. In fact, retailers have already confirmed the fact that most people prefer to conduct transactions via tablets giving rise to a term called t-commerce. Online retail websites such as will see a great amount of traffic. However, there are certain doubts as to how much traffic will be directed via social networking websites. Retailers had mapped out elaborate strategies to capitalize on social media but very few have managed to break even or managed to make a profit through social media.
The launch of iPad happened during the first quarter of 2010, but it is now of the most lucrative traffic generators through mobile devices. Smartphones will surely provide a supplement to online retail but tablets will capture traffic by ensuring that users dont just use their desktops for going online when they can easily do so via mobile web in a car, a lift or on the way to the airport.
Thus you can see that the market is at a nascent stage even though mobile commerce is being used everywhere and by - - people of all ages. Some argue that m-commerce via tablet devices is just a trend that will soon pass because people still prefer going to a brick-and-mortar store and conducting a transaction. Even then, some analysts remain firm in their stand that 2011 will be the year when people will choose technology over traditional shopping methods like visiting a store.