New $754m Indy Hospital Offers Sun-filled Design

Good Samaritan Hospital board of trustees holds annual open meeting

A nearby shed is filled with gardening tools. Patients and employees will be able to plant and pick fruits, vegetables and flowers, or just sit on a bench and gaze at the horizon. "It's the kind of thing that keeps your spirits up, instead of just languishing in a hospital room," said Dr. Lisa Harris , the hospital's chief executive and medical director. A grove of trees welcomes patients to the emergency room. A park in the front of the building, still under construction, will feature water gardens and a snack bar. "It's a beautiful, contemporary hospital, but I wouldn't call it extravagant or glamorous," said Douglas Leonard , president of the Indiana Hospital Association . "There are lots of thoughtful details to make the whole place welcoming to the people they serve." Eskenazi Hospital is being funded by a mix of private gifts and public money. The bulk of the money comes from a bond issue that Marion County voters approved in 2009, and $150 million the system had put aside in cash. The hospital also raised tens of millions of dollars in private gifts, including $40 million from commercial real estate developer Sidney Eskanzi and his wife, Lois. The new hospital is named in their honor. Source:

Newborn babies fight for life in chapel-hospital

"We're doing just about everything in the cardiovascular world," he said. "The only things we're not doing here is transplantation and implantation of devices. We're doing all the good stuff that you can get at Hershey (Medical Center) or at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia." LeBoutillier said the hospital has been decreasing the number of cases that need standard heart bypass surgery, while increasing less invasive valve operations. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons has given the hospital its highest rating: three stars. In addition, he said, the hospital is rated in the top 10 to 14 percent in the nation for hospitals with its heart program. Andreozzi discussed the cardiac vascular coordination services, which include cardiovascular, congestive heart failure and stroke coordinators who help patients navigate their care, and the cardiac rehabilitation program offered at the hospital for both in-patients and outpatients. At its meeting, the board did not discuss its search for a strategic alliance with another health-care system. Initially, hospital officials indicated there could be a decision on that this fall. In other business, Robert Longo, president and CEO, announced a number of awards the hospital has received in the past year. Source:

TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) Althea Mustacisa was born three days ago in the aftermath of the killer typhoon that razed the eastern Philippines. And for every one of those three days, she has struggled to live. But she has clung to life because her parents have been pushing oxygen into her tiny body with a hand-held pump non-stop ever since she came into this world. And "if they stop, the baby will die," said Amie Sia, a nurse at a hospital in typhoon-wracked Tacloban city that is running without electricity and few staff or medical supplies. "She can't breathe without them. She can't breathe on her own," Sia said. "The only sign of life this little girl has left is a heartbeat." More than a week after ferocious Typhoon Haiyan annihilated a vast swath of the Philippines, killing more than 3,600 people, the storm's aftermath is still claiming victims and doctors here fear Althea may be the next. When the fierce storm smashed into this tropical country on Nov. 8, it transformed Tacloban into an unrecognizable wasteland of rubble and death. View gallery." Genia Mae Mustacisa pumps oxygen into the lungs of her three-day-old infant in front of the altar of The bottom floor of the two-story government-run Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center was flooded, and the intensive care unit for newborns was left a muddy ruin. Source:

How one hospital is thriving in the age of Obamacare

The two dished the absence of some favorite characters along with some other interesting topics. On the departure of Genie Francis, Carlivati said, I had to write her character off the show because it's my job, not because I wanted to. I don't make the contracts. I sit in New York and write the show. As I understand it, Genie came back to us on a short-term contract, which is what both she and ABC wanted. I was given her dates and worked with them the best I could. Genie had made another obligation before she returned to us, one that meant there were several weeks during the summer where she wasn't available to us. It made the most sense to have Laura's marriage to Scotty blow up and write her out where we did. We gave her this appointment and sent her back to Paris but we weren't saying that's the last you'll ever see of Laura. Source:

General Hospital why are so many favorites missing?

The operation completed, then the surgeon places the fetus back in the uterus. The pregnancy then follows its normal course. Many of the children are born without any deformity as a result of the procedure.Such complex cases cost tens of thousands of dollars for the surgery alone, then the babies require weeks of neonatal intensive care. Thanks to its array of specialties, CHOP benefits handsomely from medical tourism. About 15% of its revenue now comes from U.S. patients outside its home market, and another 5% from patients from abroad, around 80% of whom arrive from the Middle East.The foreign revenues are growing fast. And though CHOP also treats poor children from abroad, most of its non-U.S. patients are treated at a modest discount from the full fees. Still, on average, the children visiting from abroad pay about twice as much as the reimbursements from local kids, many of whom are on Medicaid or whose families lack insurance. Source:

'RHOA' NeNe Leakes in hospital receiving intravenous fluids

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alerted her fans that she was in the hospital receiving intravenous fluids with a tweet early Monday morning, Nov. 18. "My arms are hurting wit these IV's #blessedtobealive," she tweeted . Attached to her tweet was a link to her personal website, showing a photo of her on a hospital bed, in a hospital gown, with IVs on both arms. Her fans were quick to show concern for her health. Some made light of the situation with some Real Housewives humor though. "What happened, NeNe? Why the hospital? Did Kenya's twirling finally make you sick? Source: