Nervous Breakdown

Well, after getting a glimpse of my husband and what I believe to be signs of an eating disorder, I now have a daughter who has yet another fever.  It's been a rough week.  I'm trying so hard to hold it together.  I just feel like crying but I can't.  I don't know what's wrong with my little girl.  She's had 3 fevers in a row (two of them came back after finishing antibiotics).  Only one of them was accompanied by any sort of clear sign of what was wrong...a bladder infection.  The other two had no other symptoms other than her mouth hurting.  I even took her to the dentist and she passed with flying colors.  I'm starting to get scared for her.  She's had so many problems with urinary tract infections and illness in general.  I've missed so much work.  I hope she doesn't have anything serious.  And my husband...well I haven't talked to him about anything yet.  Ever since his unusual episodes this last week, he's been acting super nice and doing all this stuff around the house.  I don't know if he is trying to pretend as if nothing is wrong or if he is really trying to make an extra effort for other reasons.
I feel so drained and need to do something to relieve stress.  Guess I'm not good at dealing with it all.



It\'s hard when you feel like you are carrying all these worries by yourself. Maybe you should sit your husband down and tell him your concerns about your daughter...if he hasn\'t noticed already. You should probably let your doctor ( or her doctor if she is still under the care of a periatrician) that you feel that these symptoms might be a sign of something worse. If he/she doesn\'t want to send you to a specialist., then you have the option to get a second opinion. Go with your gut!! You know when something is not right with your child.