need advice on a site stealing my articles

This site has stolen three of my articles word for word in the last month. The latest are my "Our - testamento testigos - Amazing Digital World" and my "Ben Franklin" article of all things. It's some kind of Israeli site. It's also on their related sites and http://iforeignaffairs.comThey even have some of the HTML tags from where - pago de honorarios de abogados - they copied it. is the thing. On 2 of the 3, I still see my Amazon ID in the link so I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It's becoming a regular occurrence.I actually tried to track them down last month when I saw the first one on their site. After many emails to various dead ends from Whois, I finally pinged their site and got the IP address and looked them up by that. I sent that registered address a DMCA notice which they ignored.So what is up with this website and these copied articles? They do have ads on their site too.Any advice? - -