Natural and No-Heat Way to Curl

Your Hair!

When it comes to have a natural way of life, it is only normal that you look for
alternative forms of doing other things without the use of harmful process. Using Sleep
Styler Rollers can be a natural and no-heat way to curl your hair. The idea was based
on a traditional practice going back many years, when our grandma was very young.
In those days, they would use bobs to get a more manageable hairstyle. Few hours
with them was enough to get a new look. Sometimes we can even remember visiting
grandma and recall that image with bobs all over the place. Bobbins were one of their
tools to get incredible results.
Until today some bobs can be used on any type of hair or length of follicle. Women
have been curling their hair without heat for centuries! Most of these methods
incorporate going to bed with hair that was slightly damp and waking up with perfectly
curled hair.
This background served as inspiration for the creation of a more sophisticated kind of
hair rollers. Something natural, easy to apply and versatile enough to let your hands
free to do other chores. Therefore, Sleep Styler Rollers was created and presented to
the public with a huge success!
What is Sleep Styler Rollers.
The idea was to come up with a simple concept. Affordable, durable and practical all in
one single product. However, few things needed to be taken in consideration. Sizes
and comfort were also considered. They had to be easy to use even when sleeping.
Therefore, no damage to the scalp could ever be considered. Also, they had to produce
a no heat curlers effect.
Appeared as though this was an impossible task. Conceiving something so versatile,
safe and natural was a challenge. But, they managed to overcome the odds and not
only designed a natural product, but also a heatless curls alternative. They are
available in two sizes. Larger ones for bigger curls and smaller for less bulk curls.
Next, they created a site in order to protect the integrity of the product. On the official
site they offer 100% money guarantee of satisfaction. Moreover, it serves also as a
channel for all feedback from happy customers and FAQ clarifying further doubts.
Sleep Styler Rollers are not available anywhere else but from its official site.
If you want to get overnight curls, there is no way you will find a better way to do it.
But, before using sleep hair curlers we suggest you follow a simple step-by- step

Start with a shower. Wash and condition your hair as you normally would do,
using your normal shampoo, creams and other hair treatment you may be
doing. Dry with a cotton towel, around 80% moist. Do NOT use hair dryer.
Brush or comb your hair, dividing into sections. As many strands you would get
for the same number of curls you wish to have.
 If you have chosen large rollers, you should start by holding a roller against
your head with the roller strap facing up. For best hair curler results, roll each
strand you have separated around the roller, begin at roots and work your way
up to the tips.
 When finishing this part, you can go to bed and be ready to have a gorgeous
curly hairstyle in the morning.
By the way, from now on I am sure you will be able to stay in bed a little longer
because that time spending in front of the mirror has been shortened; therefore, you
have more time for a beauty sleep!