National Night Out

Even tho I'm basically an introvert, I really enjoyed what we did last night.  We (the board of our condo Ass'n) organized a potluck BBQ for homeowners.  About 30 of the 90 households came, and we also had visits from Disaster, Fire, and police depts. It seemed to be a really enjoyable time for all.  First time for our community, which has been in existence 13 years.  We made use of a pretty common area which is usually only visited by dogs and their owners (we had maintenance to be sure to patrol the area, but the homeowners are pretty good about it too). my husb and another neighbor dragged our BBQ up there, and husband cooked several types of hotdogs, and there were several good dishes of food also.
Left me with a warm feeling. Every time I do something in community, I build something into myself that has nothing to do with the dark days of Son's addiction, and i continue to heal.   not to mention, the community is growing more communicative.
It was quite a bit of work, but worth it.



How wonderful! I\'m glad that you had the opportunity to enjoy yourself! And your husband - being a part of it! It really does help to reach out and do things for the community. Bringing people together - how awesome is that? Good for you! It certainly does promote healing!