NASA launches communications satellite

NASA launches communications satellite - Yahoo NewsWashington (AFP) - NASA upon Thursday launched a new satellite for you to boost its developing communications network in between Earth and also the International space Station, permitting almost uninterrupted video, voice link along with information transmission.The TDRS-L rocket blasted off with 9:33 pm (0233 GMT Friday) through Cape Canaveral, Florida, upon its way to become the 11th person in the actual tracking and also Information Relay Satellite System.One hour and also 46 minutes later, the actual 3.45 tonne satellite made to function regarding 15 years separated in the 2nd stage of the rocket, NASA tweeted.It will now commit the particular next 11 days adjusting directly into its definitive geostationary orbit.The fleet of satellites features "revolutionized communications" pertaining to NASA "by permitting practically steady transmission of information during a mission," the particular agency said.The initial TDRS satellite was published inside 1983.Before then, communications to room had been spotty along with according to a small variety of ground stations worldwide, leaving many gaps."Astronauts and also Earth-orbiting scientific spacecraft would relay messages simply once they passed more than as well as near one of the floor stations," said NASA.Now, the actual network associated with TDRS satellites moyen to convey near-continuous signals, information as well as commands from ground controllers for the International space Station also the particular Hubble space Telescope along with a array of scientific satellites.The satellite blasted off atop a new United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, destined with an orbit 22,300 miles (35,900 kilometers) above your Earth.ScienceSpace & AstronomyNASA