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Many individuals over the age of forty have a glutathione deficiency. By supplementing NAC you can correct this deficiency. You should take 600mg a day of NAC, but do not exceed this amount, to raise your glutathione levels.

There are many published studies that show the dramatic benefits of NAC in regards to improving lung conditions. It has been shown to benefit individuals suffering from lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, tuber-culosis, pneumonia, and influenza. NAC prevents the formation of mucus. It is a mucolytic agent, or expectorant, that further helps to dissolve thick mucus that is already present in the lungs. In a clinical study it was shown that NAC reduced the exacerbation rate, an increase in the severity of the disease, in patients with Moderate to Severe COPD (Respiration Journal Vol 66, No. 6, 1999). 169 patients were randomly allocated to standard therapy plus 600mg of NAC once a day or standard therapy alone over a 6-month period. The study revealed a 41% decrease in the number of exacerbation in the group of patients treated with NAC. They also studied the number of days the patients were sick. The patients in the group taking the NAC experienced only 82 sick days whereas the patients just on standard therapy experienced 155 sick days. They concluded that NAC taken once a day by the COPD patients was well tolerated and it is likely to improve patient compliance with the prescribed regimen. In another clinical study done on 262 primarily elderly individuals it was determined that NAC may decrease influenza symptoms (ERS JOURNALS Ltd 1997). In the study 25% of the virus infected subjects undergoing NAC treatment developed symptoms whereas 79% of the placebo group developed symptoms.

It has been shown that patients with various cancers have low glutathione levels. In general, those who have higher glutathione levels have a lower risk of malignancies. It has strong neuroprotective properties. It is used in the prevention of renal failure. One study showed a 90% decrease in radiocontrast nephropathy from taking NAC. One study found that NAC may prevent contrast-medium-induced neopropathy with a dose-dependent effect in patients treated with primary angioplasty and may improve hospital outcome (N. Engl. J. Med. 354 (26): 2773-82.) Another clinical study concluded that NAC protects patients with http://karma-indonesia.com/ultimate-nutrition-indonesia-atau-musclemeds-carnivor-mass-untuk-weight-gainer/ chronic renal insufficiency from contrast-induced deterioration in renal function after coronary angiographic procedures, with minimal adverse effects and at a low cost (JAMA 289: 553). Other studies were done that demonstrate NAC supplementation helps in improving the liver and kidney function, it reduced colon problems such as colon polyps, and it ameliorated digestive problems such as gastritis. Overall NAC helps boost one's immunity. This means that NAC is also helpful in HIV support.

In a study at the Medical University of SC NAC was demonstrated to reduce the length and severity of withdrawal symptoms for cocaine addicts. Studies have even suggested that NAC taken with Vitamin C and B1 may help relieve the symptoms of viesalgia, a hangover deemed from alcohol consumption. These findings suggest that the NAC Supplement may show promise for other addictions, especially since it's the most prominent and harmful addiction on earth.

Other studies have even suggested that NAC reduces the of schizophrenia (Biol.