myvetcareer - myvetcareerdotcom - - If you have yet to do your research on what all a vet assistant has to do and the responsibilities that come with the job, hold on, that will be gone over as well. As a veterinary assistant, responsibilities include: preparing the treatment room for animal examinations, restraining the animals that need it during treatment, examination, or inoculation, administering injections, performing venipunctures, dressing animal wounds, cleaning teeth of animals, and taking animals vital signs. To become a vet assistant, you need to have a high school diploma, or the equivalent of one. You may also be required to have a certification or license to become a vet assistant. You will need to be familiar with the standard concepts, procedures, and practices within the specific field. Also, you will need to have good planning, judgement, and some limited experience to excel in this job. A vet assistant does many, many things for both the vet and the animal patients. You will be working under the general supervision of the veterinarian, and need to have some creativity. Animals can be unpredictable, so thinking fast is a must.