My Truly Unpleasant Hypnotism Event

So I went to this hypnosis display with a couple of my pals the other evening, and I'm sorry to declare it turned into a unpleasant experience. He was doing magic, hypnotism and he had this crazy devices that looked like they came from another world or something.

I was sort of expecting some attractive and buxom assistant, but this ridiculous dude only had unusual technology and products from the future.

The lad started off by calling up a volunteer, and then proceeded to make him vanish into some other planet. But the world they shipped him to was the wrong one. When he came back, he'd brought back all the unpleasant creatures, since they had easily taken over his bad mind.

And needless to say, those horrid wildlife interrupted the display, and ate all of our snacks, and drank all of our drinks. And when they left, they didn't shell out, and I don't think they even had any money.

Fortunately, all of this was seized on video tutorial, and you can observe below if you dare.

Naturally, you can understand more about weird hypnosis if you want, so you can do this yourself, learn more here: click this link now