My Rocket Piano Review

After deciding on where you want to conduct your lesson, find a good music teacher to help you achieve your goals. Check out the years of experience of the teacher. He/she should have enough experience so that all your needs and questions can be answered. Ask your friends if there are some experienced piano teachers that they would recommend.


Many high school curriculums offer specialty piano courses. If you are a student, or your child is entering high school, consider visiting the music department to inquire about their options for students who want to learn piano. These elective courses generally last only one semester, but may be longer depending upon the school's music department. If the student is a beginner, this will be an excellent way for him/her to learn piano. For those who are already familiar with the technique, it will serve as a fun way to brush up on their skills. Courses are often available at both high school and/or college levels.

Aside from looking at the volume of lessons, you should also look at the variety of music. Your online piano course should teach you more than only one or two genres of music. Choose the one the offers different musical styles. Focusing only on classical songs can be boring sometimes. So it is better to try out other styles. You will learn and enjoy different styles as you go along.

The First Few Weeks are hard and you will be tempted to quit. Don't do it! Learning to play the piano is a beautiful and rewarding experience. Keep at it, and you will be blessed with a lifetime of enjoyment.

When your child's instructor is around, ask questions. Throw your mind into the lessons as though they were your own. If you don't understand a particular exercise, ask the teacher to explain it again. Your child might need to hear it again too, but might be afraid to ask. Ask about different composers and pieces so that you understand the theories behind the music. The piano is a huge instrument, able to reproduce an unsurpassed variety of sounds, so ask investigative questions.

There are several other ways to help in your learning of piano chords, including instructional books, tutorials and videos. In the beginning, it may even help to label the keys until you have a better understanding of each of their unique sounds. As you progress in your learning, you can remove the identification labels and play using any arrangement of sheet music. Learning to identify notes will play a large part in your understanding of piano chords. As you move through your studies, you will learn all of the terminology associated with piano playing and the definition of each.

When you learn about reading sheet music and reading piano notes, it is tremendously critical to learn about rhythm. The timing and flow of music is related to rhythm. that you read or play in addition have numerous time or length values. There are small notes, longer notes and numerous timings of notes when you play piano. The concept of beats per minute is important and is what rhythm is based on. You may never truly master the piano if you do not additionally master rhythm. Do not forget this part of your learning.