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Here is my review of a relatively new site called My Paying Ads. Have a lovely reading.NAME OF COMPANY:My Paying AdsOWNER OF COMPANY:Uday Nara (Real name is Nalam Satyanarayana, PhD)DESCRIPTION OF MY PAYING ADS (MPA):This is a Profit sharing, On-line Advertising Company with a Pay-to-click (PTC) component which was launched on March 30th, 2015. It can also be used by even non-members to promote other home-based business opportunities, MLM programs, affiliate programs, dating sites, weight reduction opportunities, church and religious sites, face-book pages and so on. Its actually modelled like My Advertising Pays (MAP) and Traffic Monsoon (TM) but with some modifications or what I may call enhancements.For more information about Traffic Monsoon, CHECK HERE.The owner Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana (Uday Nara) is a PhD holder in Mechanical Engineering and hails and resides in Singapore. Apart from being a dedicated professional in engineering, he is also known as a trusted and experienced on-line marketer.To see the siteclick herefor detailsMy Paying Ads is primarily designed to serve as a premium quality, high targeted traffic for the on-line Advertisers websites. However, to attract a high volume of targeted visitors ( who are invariably on-line opportunity seekers and marketers), a revenue sharing and pay-to-click components are incorporated.What to Look Out For in MPA1. The opportunity markets advertising credits which are purchased by both members and non-members to promote their websites and on-line opportunities.2. It is free to join. As a free member, you can earn from clicking the free cash links as well as from referral commissions from our upgraded referrals.3. You can buy ad packs as low as $1 per pack.4. Its actually classified as a legal program in the sense that its self-sustaining. Also, in order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Members who purchase ad packs get Business listing credits valued at 20 credits per $1 ad pack purchased. 5. The system can accept up to 2 accounts from same IP address as long as they have different account credentials.6. You do not need to refer others into the program before you can earn. In fact free members do earn as well, but referring others to the opportunity can astronomically sky rocket your earning potentials.7. Pay-pal is one of the payment processors. Other payment processors include Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money andPayza.8.All purchases (Add Funds) through these Processors are automatically and instantly processed and the funds should be reflected immediately. But during some cases, it may take up to 30 minutes for the payment to get processed due to several reasons like server overload, delay in the processor site etc.If the payment is not processed even after 30 minutes, please submit a support ticket with full transaction details. Payouts/Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 24 hours from request.But, on some rare instances, it may take up to 48 hour9. They have a super support system that responds so fast. In fact the owner, Uday often responds directly especially through the face-book pages10. I try to look at the finest in any program prior to I contact scam, therefore you might wish to see this review towards the end, thus you realize what you are receiving yourself into, before you choose to begin throwing about your own hard earned money. - My Paying Ads - is nothing but a income sharing program. Most this means, is that you place a few cash in, and also let it build interest via everyone else that will puts funds in.The owner can be Uday Nara, that can end up being a extremely trusted individual inside the on-line world, that knows what he is doing, consequently at least you could expect that much.Someone using money. If you dont get money that anyone simply arent willing to lose, anyone have to not mess together with applications similar to this. This particular is not regarding you.This is for anyone searching to create quick cash. When a person dont possess cash in which you're prepared to risk, you will need not necessarily be any component of this program or virtually any revenue sharing plan pertaining to in which matter. - My Paying Ads Reviews - is likely to cost that you simply minimal regarding $5 to turn out to be detailed on My paying Ads, which could be adequate to have you a situation in the lowest degree of the actual business.My Paying Ads shares its revenues every 30 minutes to the qualified members. The only qualifications to profit shares are: Buying at least a $5 worth of Ad Packs and surfing 10 ads every 24 hours.11. The membership is growing at about 400 to 600 new members per day.Who can be part of My Paying Ads?Generally, Revenue sharing Opportunities have lost some credibility recently, owing to the fact that only few survived the test of time. But also all those that are modelled from My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon, which have products and services they market, have shown signs of sustainability. Someone with money.The CostIt is going to cost you a minimum of $5 to join My Paying Ads, which is enough to get you a position in the lowest level of the businessHow Does It Run?In order to get in at the highest level of earning, you need to at least have 100 shares in each of the levels. Note that there are 10 levels.The Ad Pack Plan 1 costs $1/pack. So to get out of the first level, thats already $100. Ad Pack Plan 2 costs $3/pack, meaning that you need $300 just to max in that level. And so on.The ad packs earn quickly and enable rapid repurchase strategy to build fast to the next level. So do not be discouraged as you still make money in each of the levels. If youre like me, youll want to get into level 10 immediately because the eagles gather where the carcass are.My Opinion and Review:Life itself is a risk and every Business venture is a risk. But that does not mean that one should throw away his hard earned money anyhow.However, to say that MPA is a SCAM is a position I strongly Disagree with, based on the following facts:1. The trusted personality of the owner who also personally runs the program. His openness, ingenuity and the enhancement over other similar programs to ensure durability and sustainability.2. The Pay-Pal involvement. This is visible in MPA and another similar opportunity that also has very strong enhancements and structure.3. It has products and services that it sells to sustain itself, and this has removed it from the Ponzi category.4. The ad pack purchase is capped as the highest level (level 10) maxes at 2000 packs5. It also put in place a repurchase strategy to further keep the company running for a longer time.Finally, I see this as a good opportunity for anybody who wants to make some money on-line, as I see sustainability and trustworthiness here.I will be glad to work this lane with you. so please join my team HERE