My Mom's home! :) Welcome home mom! :) Thank you our guardian angels :)

my family and i went to pick up my mom at the hospital today, and we brought her home. :) awww! :) we are so very happy, thankful, and blessed, that she's ok, and is home, and resting comfortably. :) i was just talking with my mom out in the living room. :) She's got some comfortable pillows, and is resting. :) my mom wants me to tell everyone, she says, "hello everyone, i'm home again" :) awww! :) this is a beautiful day, welcoming my mom back home. :) It's so wonderful to have her home, and to know she's ok, and gonna make a full recovery. :) i can't stop smiling right now! :) our home is home! :)
This morning, my mom called us, and she sounded so very well, and said, "i'll be able to come home today" :) She sounded great, and full of energy and spirit. :) we were looking forward to getting word from the hospital, that we could go to pick her up. :) my mom told me on the phone, she said, "i'm going to have oatmeal and toast, and this evening i want a turkey wrap sandwich" :) awww! :) Around mid-day, we went to pick up my mom at Backus hospital. :) the doctor gave her the all-clear, that she could come home today. :) She had surgery on friday to remove her gallbladder, and had a procedure on saturday to remove gallstone. She's been through so much, god bless her heart. We were able to pick my mom up at the hospital entrance. :) We helped her get into minivan, and she had her flowers, and her stuff, and we began our journey home. :) it was great seeing my mom, and being with her. :) just knowing she's ok, and her healing journey has began, it's a wonderful relief. :) my mom talked with us about the surgery, and procedure, and she mentioned about how relieved she is, that she went through with the surgery and procedure, and how now she feels at peace, and can fully heal. :) it's been an emotional, trying, and challenging month, with my mom not well, and many visits to the hospital for her, but now that she's had the procedures, we feel so very confident now, that this truly is the beginning of the healing journey and process for my mom. :)
When we arrived at our street on our way home, my mom said, "it feels like such a while since i've seen our street" awww! :) We arrived home, and Kayla and Taylynn came outside to see my mom. :) they said, "nana!" :) awww! :) it was such a sweet moment! :) they sure were happy to see their nana! :) we all are. :) our dog Tucker was also very excited to see my mom. :) he and my mom are very attached, and he was so happy she's home. :) we made the couch nicely comfortable for my mom, with nice pillows. :) She has 3 pillows, 2 for her back, and one for her lap as she's resting her arms. :) we were all gathering around, and set up a small table area near the couch for my mom to be able to have access to her water, and items. :) they gave a breathing tube for my mom, for her lungs. they gave her the breathing tube, just incase, as she's going to be resting a lot, especially this week. :) my mom was talking about her hospital stay. She mentioned about her doctors and nurses, and was very pleased with how well they did, and they were so very nice to my mom. :) they made her very comfortable, and helped her. :) my mom mentioned about the medicines she was given, and she said she wasn't given a full eating plan, the doctor's mentioned that she is free to eat normally. :) She will definitely need to keep close eye on diet though, due to having ulcer, but she did get some more medicine to treat her ulcer, she was also given pain  medicine to take for 1 month. She's in great spirits, she's a bit exhausted from this whole ordeal she's been through, but she's so strong, and is gonna make a full recovery. :)
i've been sharing all of your wonderfully heart warming well wishes, thoughts, and prayers with my mom. :) She and i, and our family thank you all so very much. :) the outpouring of love, care, and support, from all around the world, is amazing, and comforts us, and uplifts us each day. :) You all give us strength, and hope. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) You all are amazing friends. :) We love you all, so very very much. :) i took some time to catch up with my mom today. :) i told her about how things have been going here at home, the recent hot weather, our baking friday adventure. :) i shared some new pictures with her. :) we have told my mom, that we want her on full rest for a while, as she heals and recovers. :) as my mom is recovering, we all are in full control of taking care of things, like doing the laundry, cooking, taking care of our pets, and keeping things neat and tidy. :) we want my mom to fully heal and to feel completely at peace, as she heals. :) earlier today, we cleaned the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, and situating the laundry area. :) my mom said she's so proud of us. :) awww! :) we're so proud of her, and her amazing strength, spirit, and her determination to heal. :) She's our guardian angel, our inspiration, and our wonderful super mom. :) i will keep everyone updated on my mom's condition, and also will keep everyone updated on my grandma's condition. my grandma called my mom earlier, they got a chance to talk. :)
Life is so very precious, special, and a wonderful blessing. :) my family and i, are so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives. :) DailyStrength, You all, have given my family so much over the years. :) You all have give us such amazing love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and always comforting us, and uplifting us, through the rough times, and the good times, you all are wonderful guardian angels in our lives, and inspire us, and give us this amazing strength, and hope. :) i've been talking with friends on the phone, and i mention about how incredible it is, how we all have found eachother here on DS, and it's so very heart-felt, and heart warming, how in these times, when we experience a rough time, it's so very comforting and uplifting being able to be here for eachother, whether it's a hug, or a message, or a phone call, a text, an email, a card, or just feeling your wonderful presence with us. :)
Your love, care, and support, hugging our hearts, it's an incredible feeling, just knowing you all are there, and we want you all to know, my family and i will always be here for you and your family's too. :) we've known eachother for years here on DS, and have grown together as friends, and have become a very special part of eachother's family's. :) we couldn't make it through the rough times without you all. You all give us that strength and energy to make it through the rough times. my family and i enjoy so very much, sharing in the good, and fun times with you and your family's, and when those rough times happen, time and time again, over the years, you all have been that wonderful strength, that's given us energy, to make it through the days, through the rough times, and that is something so very extremely special, that touches our hearts in many wonderful ways, and we just want to let you all know, how very much we love you, adore you, and we cherish and treasure you. :) BIG GROUP FRIENDSHIP HUG :)
We have so much wonderful hope, strength, and spirit, as we get ready to begin a new week. :) with my mom home, and healing, recovering, we're gonna do all we can to help her fully heal. :) my mom's in such great spirits, earlier she said she is looking forward to being able to walk around our yard again to see our plants. :) i think of all of the sunflowers that will greet my mom with a smile. :) it's been a whirlwind of emotions lately, but we're keeping strong with everyone, and we all have lots of amazing things to look forward too. :) my brother Bobby came over to visit this afternoon. :) he brought my mom a huge platter of goodies from his garden. :) it's so nice of him. :) many friends are also experiencing some rough times, and we want to take this time, to have a special prayers request for them. :)
please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers, and send positive healing energy, and well wishes. :) it helps so much, just knowing someone is thinking of you. :) it can make your day feel bright, and can make your spirit feel uplifted, and make your heart feel comforted to know, that you're never alone, there's always someone there, and ready to offer that support, and help you get back to good times. :) this evening, and tonight, as we get ready to settle down for a good night of sleep, both my mom and dad are looking forward to laying down, watching some tv, resting, a peaceful calm settles within our hearts, knowing that with each day, will come healing. :) You and your family's are in our thoughts and prayers, and always very close within our hearts too. :) We love you all, so very much. :) we hope everyone is enjoying a safe, peaceful, and relaxing weekend. :)
-never lose hope :)
Welcome home mom! :) awww! :) my mom's home, and resting comfortably. :) her healing journey has began. :) We're so very happy, thankful, and relieved that my mom is ok, and is home. :) She's in great spirits, and says hello to everyone. :) We thank you so very much, for all of your wonderfully heart warming well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) You all are amazing friends, and give us strength, and hope. :) Thank you for being here for us, and for comforting us, and uplifting us. :) We love you all so very very much! :) It's so very wonderful, having my mom home. :) Get well very soon mom! :) we love you bunches and bunches! :)
Kayla and Taylynn greeted my mom when we arrived home today. :) awww! :)

It was so wonderful to see my mom again. :) we picked her up around mid-day today. :) bringing her home. :)

my mom's beautiful get well soon flowers. :) my mom recieved lovely flowers. :)