my mom's having surgery friday morning at 9am.

my mom is going to be having surgery on friday morning, at 9am. i have a full update on her condition, and very special thank you for everyone. *big group comforting hug*
my mom was admitted to the hospital last night, after 9pm with severe stomach pains, and chills. She began to feel ill last evening, and tried to rest, but continued to experience the discomfort. She spent the night at the hospital, and this morning she was given an MRI scan. The gallstone has moved near her liver. Today they've been putting together preparations to perform the gallbladder surgery on my mom tomorrow. my mom has been calling us from the hospital, she's at Backus here in our city. She mentioned that they have the best surgeon there to perform this surgery procedure. It's scheduled for 9am tomorrow morning. they are giving my mom antibiotics. when she called earlier, i shared all of your wonderful well wishes, thoughts, and prayers with her. You all are amazing friends. :)
today, and also throughout this entire month, since my mom fell ill, everyone's amazing and comforting love, support, well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and healing energy has helped us so much, and has given us strength, and hope to make it through these times. We're so very blessed, to have you all in our lives. :) even friends of friends, have been sending us love, and well wishes. :) my family and i thank you all so much. :) We appreciate you all, with all of our hearts. :) Your wonderful love, and strength you're giving us,  is keeping us uplifted, and is helping us through each day. :) The past month has been very emotional, with my mom unwell at times, she had some good days, and also rough days. We're very worried and concerned about her health. It's been a very rough time for her and us all, and through it all, you all have shined and shined upon our days, and have helped keep us in good spirits, and focused on wonderful healing energy. :) we love you all, and we cherish and treasure you, and appreciate everything you do for us. :) many thanks, from our home, to yours. :)
my sister Lisa and our friend Sharon went to the hospital today to see my mom, and my niece Alyssa and i have been watching the kids, and home. :) we're taking care of things, keeping things in order, chipping in to help out all we can. :) It's an extremely hot, and humid day today, and weather is expected to remain this way through saturday. We've been thinking of you all, especially everyone who is experiencing this awfully hot, and very dangerous weather, and praying that you all are ok, and keeping cool, and well hydrated. We got some iced drinks from dunkin donuts today, and Kayla and Taylynn have a friend over visiting, their friend Tyler. :) we brought some iced drinks outside for them. :) i said to the kids earlier today, "Today's a day when the ice cream truck should give ice cream away for free!" :) the kids love that idea! :) Kayla's got her pokemon cards collection outside, and i brought out a couple packs of football cards i have in my collection for their friend Tyler. :) he's so happy. :) he said, "i can keep these!" i said, "you sure can" :) The kids are having fun playing. :) my mom is very attached to our dog Tucker, when she called earlier, we put the phone up to Tucker's ear, and he heard my mom talking and his ears perked up. :) awww! :) These rough times that happen, banding together, helping eachother, it's very comforting, and gives such wonderful hope, that things will be fine, and with each day, will come healing. :)
many friends have been writing to me, letting me know that they've had, and also members of their family have had gallbladder surgery, and their healing progress, and recoveries gives us hope, that my mom will fully recover also. :) i shared those wonderful healing stories with my mom, to help reassure her, that all is going to be alright. :) the power of healing, and power of prayer, is wonderful. :) along with all of the wonderful hugs, and messages my family and i have recieved, i've also been recieving phone calls from friends, checking in on my mom. :) Thank you all so much. :) i did get out into the gardens a few times today, even with the very extremely hot weather, i found some wonderful comfort in checking the plants, and taking some new pictures to share with everyone. :) i gave our plants a water this late afternoon, i put a nice cold wet towel on back of my neck, and also on top of my head to keep cool while tending the plants. :) our tomatoes will be ripening in the upcoming weeks, just in time for my mom to enjoy them as she will be recovering. :) i know she's looking forward to enjoying those tomatoes. :) even though we are very worried about my mom, and having surgery, we find comfort and relief in knowing that she is recieving wonderful care at the hospital, and that the surgery is the best option, as it will help her fully heal. :) god bless her heart. She's been through a lot, but her strength, and her spirit inspires us all, and we know she's gonna be alright, one day at a time. :) i'm not sure when she will be able to come home after this surgery, but it will be so nice, welcoming her home. :)
Kayla, Taylynn, and i gonna dedicate our baking friday adventure tomorrow, to my dear, and lovely mom. :) with the weather so hot, we are gonna have some light baking tomorrow, gonna bake some ice cream cone cupcakes, and also gonna buy some vanilla ice cream, cones, and we have lots of sprinkles. :) We'll bring some ice cream cones out for all of the kids tomorrow. :) We also will be making some homemade lemonade. :) With my mom not well the past month, we've found wonderful comfort in keeping to traditions like baking friday, gardening, and also the recent birthday celebrations, and traveling down by the water this past sunday. :) it helps so much, to keep busy, and to keep active. :) i've been enjoying some nice time here on DS today also, writing to friends, and enjoying lots of iced cold drinks. :)
Tomorrow in my journal, i will have a full update on my mom's surgery, and also will write about our baking friday adventure tomorrow :) i just wanted to say thank you again. :) The outpouring of love, care, and support you all have given us throughout the years, is so very incredible. :) Your friendships, are the most wonderful gift, treasure, and blessing. :) We love you all, so very much. :) i know we have many friends all around the world that have been experiencing some rough times also. You all are in our thoughts and prayers, and very close within our hearts, each and every day. :) wishing you all, comfort, healing, and peace. :) it's very special, and such a great blessing, how we all have eachother, and help eachother through the rough times, and through these times, that wonderful love shines always so very brightly, and touches our hearts in many beautiful ways. :) Thank you. :) for my mom, and us all, keep strong, keep hope and faith alive, and never lose hope :)
i spent some nice time in the gardens from time to time today, checking in on the plants. :) The plants are doing amazing, and are really flourishing. :) this afternoon, i gave the plants a really nice soaking with the water nourishment. :) We're in a heatwave here, with very hot and humid temperatures. i wanted to make sure the plants have lots of nice water to keep replenished. :) we're right in the heart of the summer gardening season. :)
This sunflower will be blossoming soon. :)

tomatoes :) i'm very amazed at how much the plants have grown. :) The tomato plants are growing absolutely sweet nature wild. :)
Cherry tomatoes :)

roma tomatoes :)



green bell pepper :)

cucumber :)

hot yellow pepper :)


cucumber growing amongst the sunflowers :)

cayenne peppers :)

snowball bush blossoms. :) our snowball bush has just began to blossom :)



blossoming sunflower :) in the upcoming days, i will get some sweet picture taken opportunites of this sunflower with the blue sky in the background. :)


golden yellow lillies :)

lilly plant :)

dahlia flower plant :)

sunflower smiles :)

The sunflowers are growing very tall. :) we have a few 8 footers out there, and they could reach that 12 foot tall mark. :)




hot yellow pepper :)

sunflower ready to blossom :)

peaches :)

tomatoes :)

garlic plant :)

cherry tomatoes :)

tomato plants growing wild :)

petunia flowers :)


Sunflower :)

our bird feeders/gardening area :)

just as i took this picture, a bumble bee flew on the sunflower blossom :) a sweet nature moment :)

bluejays! :) they're coming back! :) awww! :) i've been seeing more and more bluejays visiting our yard. :) when i see them, it always reminds me of the autumn/winter time, when we see 20 to 30 bluejays each day. :) they are enjoying those yummy peanuts. :)








a close up view of a sunflower :)

this sunflower, is growing in direct view of the sunrise sunshine. :) This sunflower gonna blossom within the upcoming days. :)