My Lyme Symptom List

Just incase it helps anyone else - this is my symptom list in the order they appeared. 
1st 6 months...
Tick bite - August 2005
Bullseye rash
Hot Flashes
Constant Pain in left eye
Pressure on left side of head like someone put their hand there and was keeping a constant pressure that varied from a pressure feeling to stabbing pain.
Brain Fog - hard to concentrate
Started taking Green Vibrance (greens drink), and working out. I started feeling better, more energy and maintained for 3 years with fewer symptoms which included brain pressure, migraines, fatigue and occasional brain fog.
New symptom: Thrush
After extreme life stress (Mom going through chemo) the following symptoms showed up.
Brain pressure and migraines got worse
Extreme fatigue
Problems sleeping
tingling-electrically buzzing feeling all over when I don't get enough sleep
Joint pain in knees and shoulders - moved from one to the other
Hot all the time
Brain fog got worse
Mixing up words constantly and completely forgetting words and names
Hard to put together complete sentences
Extreme stomach pain (was tested several times for Gall bladder)
After 3.5 years I finally saw a Lyme Literate Doctor who ran 18 blood tests - 10 viles of blood.. and put me on 1 month Doxycycline.
I was extremely sick for the first 2 weeks, then started feeling a little better. I had one great day on the last day of the meds and then became extremely Lactose intolerant (constant stomach cramps and diarrhea) which lasted for about 6 months (weird note... I had little black specs that looked like roughly ground pepper in my stools).
6 months after Doxycycline (over a period of 6 months)
Started forgetting names of people close to me
Mixing up words again
Started feeling like something was in my left eye - off-and-on at first
Left eye started to hurt all the time
Migraines came back
Started seeing things out the corner of my eye that weren't there
Constant pressure in both eyes - felt like someone had their thumbs pushing against my eyes - like how you would see if you were drunk - but you haven't had anything to drink... Detached - fuzzy feeling.
Back on Doxycycline for 1 month (have to take for 3 months this time)
Weird eye-drunk pressure gone :)) (Thank you God!)
Still have on-and-off left eye pain but getting better
Slight brain fog and problems concentrating
Problems sleeping
tingling-electrically buzzing feeling all over again when I don't get enough sleep
sensitivity to alcohol - migraine after one drink
Beginning lactose intolerance again :(



are you on a good candida diet? It really helps...but hard to stay on it...