my log to share with the doctor

I have been experiencing visual disturbances where i see what look like white, black, or red lines or squiggles like s shapes for 10 to 30 seconds at a time.  just had one outside the office at 11am, white in color everywhere i look and they are many.  lines spaced 1 to 3 inches apart all over the place.
mental confusion for long periods of time, very forgetful, can't concentrate on thoughts, poor grooming and heigene.  depressed, therapist appointment on the 10th of july.
constant pain, hurts to set elbows down on even a bed mattress surface, pain in lumbar reigon suddenly started on june 28th 2009, july 4th i was in the er with a lumbar sprain.  mri in 2009 was neg, neighbors clinic could not find anything in my x-rays in march 2013.  pain has spread to entire neck, shoulders, legs, arms, tailbone, and feet that is better some days and severe most days.
pain intensifies after standing, walking, laying for more then 15 min.  cold brease will send me into spasms as well as light touch sometimes. feels like my body is fatigued and wants to drop.
loss of feeling in left forearm in 2011, sensation came back but not the same, fingers have decreased sensetivity to pain and heat, dizzy spells, loss of balance, falling and running into walls with shoulders ona regular basis. 
i feel each step impact my entire back, mainly lumbar, can't sit or lay down well cause of tailbone and lumbar pain.
insomnia is severe waking in 1 -4 hours, its been going on for 4 years now.
I listed the medications i have and what i have left.  between 5/21 and 6/21 i missed 7 doses of glimepiride.  and from 6/22 till 7/2 i missed 5 doses of the same medicine.  between 6/19 and 7/2 i missed 4 doses of muscle relaxer, and between 6/19 and 7/2 i believe i missed 17 doses of metformin.
totally miscalculated the pain medicine and what i carry on me was an old bottle, in stead of measuring a 90 pill supply, i used the last 60 pill bottle as a guide and thought the 20 pills i have on me we what i should have left which is true going by a 60 pill count for the month.  phurr, i asked for antidepressants and was denied. 
i also gave my er records for file from 1996 when i was 14 and 186 lbs, broke right wrist on groth plate.  and 2002 when i tore my ligiments in left foot at 220 lbs at age 20.  i was diagnosed as diabetic right atfer the er in 96 or my mom forgot to mention it if i already had the diagnosis.  the 2002 paperwork states diabetes but not which form.
doc has not ordered a fasting blood test to determine if i'm type one like original diagnosis stated or type 2 like the medicine i've been on from the start.  I asked if she was going to order this test and never got an answer. 
another referal to the same neurologist i've got an appointment with in aug was wrote up today.