My Journey as a Mary Kay Consultant (Twice!)

We were not allowed to say anything negative about the company or the business in general. I tried to tell Director #2 about abusive tyrant Director #1 and she very nicely cut me off and said please nothing negative about anyone. I would like to add that both Director #1 and #2 did not seem to have any other interest in life except MK. No other hobbies or activities they liked to pursue, it was all about skincare, glamour, MK and nothing else. Director #2 had a 13-year old daughter that came to one of our unit meetings. I dont have any children but I could see plainly that she was the most insecure, timid, shy, intimidated thing I ever saw. Her mother sure was loud and outgoing though.So there I was letting everyone I knew at work and church know that I was now a MK consultant. I worked a booth at a PTA conference and we split the names and I booked and held 2 facials, no sales from either and I had to give them a free prize just for booking the facial. Some of my coworkers booked and held skincare classes to help me out and of course it was good training for me and we all had fun but I only got small sales.Once I mailed 40 of the beauty books to new homeowners in my zip code area offering them a Welcome to Your New Home gift if they booked a facial to try products (I found their names and address in the newspaperits public knowledge when real estate is transacted). That cost $0.52 each book to mail and all I got was a $12 order for an Extra Emollient Night Cream. Overall in general, of the few orders I did get, I had to place a $180 because I didnt have one or two small items in inventory, and nobody to trade with.I got so desperate for customers and to sell/move my inventory that once I wrote down all the spammer emails filling my mailbox, (you know how we all get spammed in our email) well, I spammed them right back with a really beautiful, nice, colorful pretty email about MK, with my website listed so they could order products. I got blasted by 2 of the spammers saying dont ever send us this stuff again. One of them even threatened to turn me in to the authorities. So I spammed the spammers with my Mary Kay business and I got blasted by the spammers because they didnt want any MK emails. Darn-it all, I was just trying to get new customers and sell some product!! href='' - -