My husband's compulsions

List of things my husband is compulsive about:
1.   Stacking dishes in the dish rack straight.
2.  Keeping the tea towel straight when hanging so it drys properly.
3.  How much paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, washing liquid, tissues I use.
4.  Getting annoyed with water in the soap dish.
5. Getting annoyed with water on the sink.
6. Getting annoyed with where I put his pen.
7. Getting annoyed with how I stack the dishes in the cupboard
8. Getting annoyed with walking out the back door with slippers
9. Getting annoyed with how the recycling is squashed (ie cans)
10. Getting annoyed if not every inch of recycling matter is recycled.
11. Having a sour face with my parents words of endearment to my children (ie pet names - as we a european they are not in english)
12. Getting annoyed if a dirty dish full of sauce is placed in the sink and not on the bench.
13. Getting annoyed with what type of knife is used to cut meat as opposed to vegetables.
14. Getting annoyed with how the knifes are placed in the knife board.
15. Getting annoyed with how letters are opened (goes ballistic if not opened with a letter opener)
16. Getting annoyed with how I keep my mobile phone.
17. Swearing and being verbally agressive to both myself and children.
18. Getting annoyed with me not deleting junk mail in my emails.
19. Getting annoyed if I don't wrap a cord properly.
20. Getting annoyed at how I fold a newspaper.
21. Getting annoyed if dishes are not washed properly.
22. Getting annoyed if  his grooming set in the bathroom gets wet.
23. Getting annoyed at the cheese and salami etc not being wrapped properly in the fridge
24. Getting annoyed at how cheese gets cut (ie if it is straight, small etc)
25. Getting annoyed at how close I get to an object being sprayed (ie spraying windex etc should be a specific measurement away)
26. Getting annoyed at how many ice bricks are used in our esky bag when going to sporting events or how they are stacked.
27. Everything that happens is my fault (so he says)
28. I never do anything right that's why he gets angry (so he says)
29. I spend too much that is why we have never got anywhere.
30. He is the main bread winner so he is the one who has busted his ass and I have spent the money.
31. Each birthday, anniversary special event gets spoilt especially if we have to go out because he gets too grumpy to enjoy it and too drunk to be nice.
32 Everything triggers his anger and it always ends up being my fault.



Okay, reet, I read this after my post to you in the group... PLEASE seek help from a counselor or a women and children\'s center! I\'m sorry your husband has OCD and is really suffering, but it seems like his controlling behavior is abusive. Think of your children and your parents if you can\'t take the step for you. If you\'re worried because your husband supports you financially or you\'re not a citizen (or your parents aren\'t?), I guarantee you there\'s someone at a women and children\'s center who can help you figure out what to do!