My healing journey

I'm woman with 172 cm & 95 kg I wasn't that heavy all my life.
I was 63 kg after my dad illness and his death,
And after broking with my fiance 3 weeks before my wedding date
I get depressed and went through long very long
Emotional eating.
On this stage i went in several relationship and also
Didn't end happy ending, and that make me go deep
In my emotional eating and depression.
I thought several times in succide but the love
Of life and trusting that i can overcome all that pain
Make me take a decision that i will try all and allll
My best to overcome my problems.
And after trying to get the support from my friends
I was chocked that they don't understand my pain
And treating me as i have an illness disease
I started to post my fitness journey on my Instagram account
And i found that stranger can support me more
Then my friends.
So here I am here telling u my story in brief
Hoping that i will get the support from u, if u found
That u can't support me in my emotional and fitness
Journey, please at least don't make any joke
About it.
Thank u..much love