My Guardian Angel

I just had to share this.  I caught the bus this morning, as I do each Monday, to go to my computer studies class.  I'd let a DVD from the library get overdue by a couple of weeks so I took it with me to return - and pay the punishment fee.  Well, before I'd got into town I had a siezure on the bus and can't remember getting of it in town.  I was pretty confused and ended up being 15 minutes late for computer studies.  I managed to forget the bag after class and had to go back to get it later.  To my horror the DVD was missing - I could only assume someone on the bus had pinched.  Well, I went to the library and confessed and to my surprise I was told that according to their computer, I didn't have anything on loan and didn't owe them anything.  I can only assume I must have dropped somewhere along the line and someone returned it for me.  My guardian angel was obviously watching over me today.