my first journal entry :)

A week ago I got into a pretty big fight with one of my best friends. I've known her forever, but recently me and a few of our other friends noticed that she was getting a little out of control. It started like halfway through last year, all of sudden she was hooking up with all these guys! Honestly..she was acting like a bit of a slut. It got to the point where it was like three guys in one night. Finally she crossed the line when she went after one of my other friends' guy. We set her down and talked to her about it but I guess we didn't handle it perfectly. She apologized to the other girl but I don't think she understand how she is presenting herself to guys. I actually had guys say stuff to me about the way she acts and it really bothers me. I'm so scared that she's going to get in too deep and end up taken advantage of. She knows what happened to me and it didn't take me throwing myself at guys for it to happen. I think she still thinks we're all over reacting but she needs to understand that if you don't have respect for yourself you're certainly not going to get any from other people.  I hope our little talk with her will eventually sink in and she'll take a step back and see what she's doing. I hope I don't lose a friend because of all this.I'm glad that the other girls agree though, now I don't feel like I'm freaking out just because I've already been there and I'm like paranoid now. wheww....stupid high school drama.