My Fantastic Amazement

I hate it when I miss something, and this is what happened lately when I was amazed to see that my concealed bag of snacks had been discovered by a stranger who just happened to come wandering in my home without any kind of recourse or something.
Now, at first I was a bit miffed because I didn't think I had any snacks left, and if there's one thing that bothers me it's when I overlook any remaining food, it's though I'm losing my intellect or something.
One of my largest fears is that my human brain would one day turn into some kind of mush that is flavored by pancake sauce and bacon grease, which is great to eat, but doesn't make for much of a pondering wood.
Anyhow, this dude starts talking to me about the advantages of using all kinds of inverse proportional things to apply to future events before they happen, so you can kind of get an angle on where things are headed, but I'm not so certain that's a good idea.
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I wonder if perhaps this person would have stuck around for as long as he did if I simply declined to acknowledge him, which is sometimes a pretty good idea in those situations.
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