My European trip, mainly to Greece!

I just want to focus on this very important memory and event. It has been about 30 years since my husband has been back home. He always loves to say back home when he speaks of the place he was born and raised in. Except to most people in is a Southern State or a Northern State in the U.S. but to him back home is a much farther place. He left it when he was about 15 or so years old his dad had to put his signature in order to work on the boats. I know he left home with a very heave heart. He will say Oh a number of reasons the government would not allow us to graze our sheep up on the mountains. I just did not want to be drafted in the army cause back then it was tuff and I would of had to beat someone up and still be there probably in prison. Then he will say something like yeah I got into a fight with my dad and he will continue to say he told me to go see how life is and that's exactly what I did! I guess there was a lot of reasons for him and a prde as big as the clouds. And an attitude and misunderstanding just rolling on his sleeves. It took that young boy that had to very fast become a man through many rough seas of sailing on a tanker or tankers rather that many times almost came to the verg of sinking. For God only knows the reason why? Was it meant to be? For he says it was that he had seen my granfather in his dream and he told him you see that girl, your going to mary here. I told him how did he know my granfather what he looked like and he replied from a photograph your uncle had. You see him and my uncle Jimmy were like two peas in a pod. I need to tell you have they met and how we met, remind me to do so! As for now this trip that I call the impossible trip. I have a board and I write on it Miracle IF we make it. My daughter took the liberty to write WE WILL make it, even though she will not be coming herself. Last time I saw my eldest boy that I am going for his wedding. He now is about 31 years old, last time I saw him he was only 7 years old! He really wants us all to be there, and with that I will leave that page open in my book to write about it!