My Encounter With FKK at Sunny Rest, Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Guest blog by: Julian Smith

My FKK Weekend at Sunny Rest

I have been humbled in being requested by Nudist Portal (FKK) to compose a guest blog about my experience with this wonderful organization during Memorial Day Weekend. As you may or may not understand, FKK is a social-acceptance organization for nude friendly individuals interested in naturism, naturism and nudie associated activities. Their first event of the season was at Sunny Rest Resort, which will be nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

As said on their website, Sunny Rest is a fun, sociable, and relaxed clothes-optional resort with daily entertainment and modern facilities for all ages, sexes, classes, races and body types. It was that and more.

Although this was my second season as a naturist, for some reason I was apprehensive to be meeting a new group, seeing a brand new resort, and being naked in public. Uncertain where that was coming from, but, there it is. Despite that, I was looking forward to the weekend, but got off to a late start on Friday.

FKK Tent City At Sunny Rest Memorial Day Gathering

These feelings were soon replaced by fear as I drove through a couple of rain showers and knew I still had to locate the campsite and possibly pitch my tent in the rain. I arrived after the sun went down and luckily no rain was to be found. I quickly set up in the place designated for FKK near the tennis courts. I met a few new people near the campsite and made plans to venture to the bar and hot tub.

Since a definite chill was in the air, I remained clothed, brought a towel and made my way to Flashers, which will be the nightclub at Sunny Rest. When I entered, I was quite surprised to see it filled with clothed women and men, couples, single guys (both old and youngish) talking among themselves. I got this odd vibe as it seemed to be a standard bar where people were out cruising for out on town. I walked around the tavern in disbelief, as I wasn't quite certain what to anticipate.

I made around the dance floor and seating area to get a feel for the place and cannot locate any one slightly resembling an associate of FKK. Now that I think about it, it's strange to believe that we've got a specific appearance. Anyway, I purchased a fast drink to settle the nerves and gazed hopefully in the way instantly behind me. To my surprise a hot tub was filled to the brim, quite literally, with a group of nude people grinning, talking and laughing.

Sunny Rest's brand-new club Where we'd our Black Light Naked Yoga Class

I recognized some familiar faces in the group and understood that I was home. Without hesitation, I got from my clothing and joined the group. On several occasions that unusual vibe returned as a number of individuals (largely guys) would come to the window of the hot tub and just stare for a number of seconds and leave. As someone would say, this really is not proper nudie etiquette. After some relaxation in the hot tube, it was time for bed. The weekend had just began.

To give you a visual of Sunny Rest, the main restaurant is the focus of the community. Looking out of the back of the restaurant you'll be able to see the swimming pool / water volleyball court, followed by a seating area with lounge chairs three to four rows deep, and behind a decent sized heated dialogue pool. Immediately to the left of the dialog pool was Streakers, another pub, and next to that a bath house with restrooms and showers.

On either side of the pool were additional seating areas. The enrollment office and gift shop lives next to the restaurant in a separate building. Next to that building was Flashers, which looks out on the sand volleyball court.

With degrees of lodging that range from hotel rooms, RV lots and tent camping, the resort offers many alternatives when visiting. The best part of experiencing a resort with FKK is the camaraderie which is generated in a group of people from all walks of life with a common curiosity about naturist quests. As always, FKK made an effort to include everyone, including Sunny Rest members and visitors alike to participate in every one of the activities during the weekend.

The ones that stand out in particular were the nude skid-n-glide, glow-in-the-dark body painting followed by naked yoga with black lights and a couple volleyball games against members of Sunny Rest.

Nude Slip And Slide at FKK Sunny Rest Memorial Day Assembly

While at Sunny Rest, I determined to take advantage of the other facilities available and made it to the workout room, that has been below the cabaret.

The work out space was small and confined with free weights, an individual work out bench and two treadmills that appeared to have been built in the mid to late 1980's. Some of the free weights were rusted, and it seemed that the update was in order. The nice thing about the fitness center was that it was close to the pool, had a private toilet and shower and a bottomless water fountain. All in all, it was a nice choice to have during a stay at Sunny Rest.

The hiking trail was another part of the FKK weekend activities and was an extremely nice way to cool off as it wound its way through the trees and forest cover. At one point in the hike, we had an option of an easy path or a harder hike.

This can be where the group split and I took the more challenging path with many group. It was a pleasant hike with a small bit that challenged us with a bit of vertical climb. After that, it was smooth sailing. Once this needing hike was whole, the heated conversation pool was right down the road to soothe those aching muscles.

One thing for sure, is that Sunny Rest members take their volleyball seriously. During the day, nearly all the swimming pool was reserved for nude volleyball. After this was complete, the entire pool was open to people. You could chill out in the out of bounds area of the pool; yet, you had to be aware of the game whatsoever times.

Later in the day, these same people ventured to the sand volleyball court for more action. In both instances, scores were kept, rules were followed, and the spirit of competition was in full effect. Newcomers may be endured, but not for a long time.

Black Light Naked Yoga With FKK at Sunny Rest

At Sunny Rest, guests have the alternatives of a full service pub alongside the pool in the mornings and days and an indoor bar with big hot tub in the evening. Never to be a prude; nevertheless, names like, Streakers and Flashers, seem more titillating than anything else.

Not necessarily my cup of tea. Although I had a limited experience with Flashers, I was surprised to find that entry into the tavern was open to the general public (i.e. naturist, nudists and fabrics) and not only members of Sunny Rest.

The great thing relating to this resort was that they had a bar and restaurant that served three meals a day. When going to resorts, generally, I always like to support local businesses and eateries in the community.

Black Light Naked Yoga With FKK at Sunny Rest