My Driving Phobia Battle!

 Hello my name is Patrick Franks from Oklahoma and  I am  39 years old and a librarian associate at a university library.  All my life I have been battling a driving phobia. I can at least drive short distances. However, long distances are the problem. Having this phobia, has limited me traveling to various places.  
It stems from the depression and bullying I went through as child. I have overcome a whole lot. I graduated college and made other accomplishments in my life. This driving phobia has been the missing piece of the puzzle.  When I first tried to get on the interstate with my father, I got on halfway, and then I had to pull over saliva started to come up, and my chest started to tightened up, and my heart was beating fast, and it seemed like sweat started to race down my face. My dad had to take the wheel. I have been been researching driving phobias for almost 20 years. It was good to know others were dealing with the same problem, and I wasn't alone.