My diminishing prostate problem

Hi all night runners, I've had a happy event in my enlarged prostate problem I would like to share with you. I used to be one of the worst, up to 7 times a night. Referred to a Urologist who put me on Duodart caps, 1 a night 30 mins. after tea. Big difference, runs down to 3 a night but still unable to fully empty bladder requiring the extra visits. At age 83, former night shift worker, I have problems getting to sleep, so my partner bought a packet of Twynings Pure Camomile tea bags. I decided to only seep 1 bag in half a cup of off boil water & jiggle for 3 mins. to get max. strength with minimum liquid going to bed. Sipped the brew immediately on retiring & noticed an hour later no developing need to urinate as usual. I slept through until 5.30 am before I got up to go & since we had a guest opposite the loo. I went outside off the patio & had the most satisfying, emptying bladder experience I've had in years. Went back to bed & slept uninterrupted until arising at 8.30 am. I've been repeating this ritual now every night for the past fortnight with the same happy results. Now I have no idea if this improvement in my condition is due to a camomoile infusion or not, but I am so impressed with my change that I thought for what it is worth, that it might also help others with this condition. I have also found I have more easy urinating capacity in the open outside - I live on a farm. Anyhow, give it a try! Good Luck, Frank.