My daughter talked with me

Today I decided to send my daughter a text message over the phone. I told her that I was going to a restaurant she likes and that if she can make it, I would appreciate it if should would meet me there. I said I would be there in 10 minutes. Well, to my surprise, it paid off. My daughter responded. She said that she can't make it today but thanks anyway. We continued talking through several other messages and ended on a happy note. It was so nice to have her say more than one word responses. In messages before today, those messages were very evasive and I could tell she really did not want to talk. Most of the time she would not even respond. But today she made my day. It felt good to read her words again. And she left the door open to talking again and meeting me for lunch. I would love to see my daughter again. I love her very much and just want to continue being her dad. I will write her other messages, but I will keep them simple but try to get her to meet me. I know if we sit down one time and just talk that we can continue being a part of each others life. She is a wonderful daughter and I am very proud of her. A father couldn't ask for a better daughter.