My Cousin Part 2

I went to the viewing of my cousins daughter this evening.  The funeral home was over whelmingly packed - both entrances lined with people with so very little walking room.  This side of my family is an extremely large family as it is and of which most I don't even know due to us all growing up and having our own lives and kids and our kids having kids and so on - but the amount of people that were there was astonishing.  I stood in line with one of my other cousins and his wife and son and it took us almost an hour and a half to get to the front.  I started to get very apprehensive and the closer we got the more I felt like I could pass out....and as we reached the casket and I saw my cousin's wife's face- her name is Sue - and the pain in her eyes and the over whelming grieve she was in - my feeling of passing out just vanished and I hugged her tight as she sobbed.  I remember that day when I was that way like it was yesterday and I knew she just needed to be hugged by someone who knew what she was feeling right at that moment.  It broke my heart for her because I know this new journey for her is going to be the hardest journey of her life.  She begged me to please come see her and visit with her because she needed someone who knew what it was like to help her.  I still can't help myself most days and still get so overwhelmed by my grief...but I can't say no to her cause I know what she is feeling.  My cousin asked me if I would come visit and that maybe it would help her and me and I promised him I would.  I don't live far from them at all.  I told him I was going to give them a few days after the funeral because they were going to need it but I would be by soon...and I will.  I don't know what I will say to her but we can talk. Most of us still don't know the whole story or exactly what killed Suzanne or the condition of her boyfriend at this point but I learned of sadder news on top of this sad news and I just couldn't imagine.  Suzanne has 2 boys from her first marriage - I think they are about 10 and 12 now.  They were with their father this past weekend and Suzanne's ex-husband and her two sons were the first one's to come across her accident and got out of their car to help not knowing it was Suzanne until they reached her.  I cannot imagine the horror for her two precious sons to find their mother like that.  And my heart really goes out to them.
I can't attend the funeral tomorrow but my thoughts and prayers and heart will be with them.
Thank you all so much for your continued support and kind words and all the hugs you have sent!  I love you all!



How dreadful for her sons and ex! I can\'t imagine how they must be feeling.
I find it helps me to help others. It must be so hard for you but I can\'t imagine how grateful your cousin and Sue must be to have you - someone who has walked in their shoes.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Love and hugs,

Sandi, I am so sorry. I know what you mean - someone to hold you who knows....You will be a great comfort to Sue and may God continue your healing as you reach out to her. Love and tight hugs, Linda