Music Studies in France

This is Part One of the guide I wish I had before moving to France in 2001. The higher educational system is evolving all over Europe, but certain key features of the French system remain the same. In this segment I give a broad overview of the public school system to help you decide the right approach for your year abroad or graduate studies. I also discuss housing, piano rental, and other practical stuff.Some of the links are out of date, just google the desired conservatory using, the French version of google.Public Conservatories in France - (More or less in order of prestige)Public schools in France are the cheapest and arguably the best.CNR websites - "Website" is an overstatement for most of these...This is the only complete list of CNR weblinks on the web. Finding some of these was like pulling teeth.The only two I can't find are Lille and Bayonne...Housing options in Paris - In order of best quality/cost and ending with stuff to avoidFinding housing in Paris is notoriously difficult: you're going to need help!A budget of 600 Euros/month is a good guideline.If you can find a good place for less, you're set.Help me improve this by your on the orange button below...thanks for your help! -Ivan href='' - -