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Roth said CMH had been approached by two larger music companies interested in doing distribution deals for the Rockabye Baby series. But the company decided to remain independent. She added that there have been talks about doing original music as well instead of just covers. But they don't want to stray too far from their roots. What's worked has been taking songs that are instantly recognizable and transforming them into something else. As a parent, I hope the label continues to do well. visit

We've got kids from private schools, charter schools, public schools all come here today, and watch TED talks together and it's really brought the youth community all across Memphis together, Event Organizer Patton Orr said. Saturday's event is just a sign of many similar events to come once the space in the library is converted into the new $1.9 million teen learning lab. It will be 8300 square feet of production and creation space for teens only, Pitts-Murdock said, Art studio, video production lab, music, sound mixing lab. They can come here to the central library, pursue a passion or tinker with an interest they have, she added. The center will be mostly privately funded and goes along with the mayor's upcoming comprehensive plan to cut down on youth violence. Mayor AC Wharton says that plan will be announced within the coming weeks. We're going to cover everything, it will be recreational, it will be vocational, it will be academic, physical activity, you name it, it's going to cover the waterfront, Mayor Wharton said. visit

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It changes day to day as to which is the most popular. Q: How long have you been in the business and how did you first learn? A: I started home brewing 13 years ago and have been pretty much consistently brewing since then. Id say Im self-taught in regard to both the creative and the technical side of brewing. In order to make a good beer you really have to understand both of these components. You need to know the technical or scientific part of the process to ensure you create the right situation for the yeast to thrive; while also understanding the creative or artistic component to ensure the flavors, texture, aromas and appearance all come together to make a satisfying product. What Id call the industrial part of brewing (tanks, pumps, cleaning procedures, draft systems, etc.) I mostly learned from working at Federal Jacks. Q: What does Barreled Souls offer that other breweries in the area may not? A: We offer a wide range of unique beers that are always changing. Our goal is to always have 12 beers on draft (making enough beer in order to accomplish this has been an issue, but weve already ordered more equipment to meet our customer demands). visit

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4th St., from noon to 6 p.m. Admission is $3 and kids are free. The first 50 people through the door will receive a Hover Craft gift bag filled with handmade goods from vendors. The first 100 people will get a Hover Craft Community Coupon offering special deals from locally owned businesses that will encourage people to shop locally during the holiday season. When Hover Craft started four years ago, Art vs. Craft was the major indie craft fair in Milwaukee and it accepted people from all over the country. visit