Murder-for-Hire Mistress Claims She Was Emotionally Manipulated

The ex-lover of Jeffrey Stern said the Houston attorney emotionally and sexually manipulated her in order to get her to hire a hit man to kill his wife.Stern groomed his ex-lover Michelle Gaiser, through financial dependence and kinky sex, the court documents states."The only way Jeffrey Stern could reach an orgasm was to have Michelle Gaiser describe how she would kill his wife," the documents stated. "Jeffrey Stern, as an emotional manipulator, was crafty in his methods of entrapping - person injury lawyers in Toronto - and molding Michelle to carrying out his wishes."Gaiser has pleaded guilty to plotting with Stern to kill his wife Yvonne and is serving a 25 year prison term.Yvonne Stern, who has reconciled with her husband, is now suing Gaiser in civil court. Gaiser's response, filed Friday, is filled with details of the kinky sex life she shared with Stern and is intended to show how Stern used sex to manipulate Gaiser."A steamy sex novella could not sufficiently describe the intensity of their sexual relationship," the documents stated.The couple frequently had sex at Stern's mansion when his wife wasn't home and he made his lover wear his wife's bras and panties, Gaiser claimed.Stern solicited male transsexual prostitutes and demanded Gaiser watch, the documents alleged.On one occasion, a transsexual named Cindy met the couple at Moe's Steakhouse Bar where Stern allegedly "began playing with Cindy's male genitals in the view of Michelle Gaiser." During another encounter, Cindy had to run to Gaiser for protection from Stern's "painful deviant sexual advances," the documents alleged.The alleged coercion also extended outside of the bedroom, as Gaiser became financially dependent on her lover. He persuaded Gaiser to quit her job and he opened a satellite personal injury law firm where she worked."At that juncture in her life, Michelle was paying her sister's college tuition at Florida State, she was supporting her mother, she was contributing to her brother's college education and she was purchasing a home. Once she went to work for Jeffrey Stern she became totally dependent on his financial support," the filing said.Prosecutors say Stern and Gaiser planned three failed attempts to kill Stern's wife, Yvonne.The plots failed, although Yvonne Stern was shot in the stomach during the third attempt.Stern has admitted the affair with Gaiser, but denied any wrongdoing in the murder attempts.Yvonne Stern initially filed for divorce after learning of her husband's infidelity, but took him back. She has said she does not believe he was responsible for the attempts on her life."Is this the plot of a mastermind? My husband is brilliant. The accident legal representatives at Neinstein and Associates have served Toronto and also the larger Ontario location for over Forty Five years, along with a lengthy file of proven success aiding clients via significant injuries, collisions and insurance coverage claims. The legal representatives at Neinstein and Associates match to guarantee our clients and also their loved ones obtain the compensation, treatment and support then they ought to have. Our team believe this's the job of personal injury lawyers to serve - Neinstein and Associates - as your advocate and also reputable specialist by means of the sophisticated legal, health care as well as insurance coverage concerns associated with your recuperation. Due to this dedication, our firm possesses a few of the - Toronto personal injury attorney - most recommended injury attorneys in Toronto and all of Ontario.He's smart. He's talented. He would never be capable of doing such a terrible job," she told ABC News.Stern will stand trial on July 27. href='' - -