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By the time Camden made it back over, theyd finished breakfast and Molly had done a couple of loads of laundry. They had each showered separately, but the modesty they usually displayed around each other was gone. Molly grinned at how carefully Jacob shaved for a Saturday. All in all it wasnt completely normal, but it wasnt as weird as she feared it would be. She was folding her clothes on the couch in the living room when Jacob ran to answer the doorbell. She couldnt help grinning at his eager response, but continued folding to let them have a moment alone by the front door. Eventually she heard Camden giggle, then Jacob laughed, and finally they came walking into the living room holding hands. Hey, Molly said as she sorted the socks. She always did the socks last. Mom tried to talk me into inviting you guys over for dinner, but I told her Jacob promised me a steak so she let me come over. Oh shit, I still need to go shopping. Be right back! Jacob kissed Camden quickly, grabbed the keys to Dads van, and dashed off while Camden came to sit on the couch next to Molly. Camden picked through the pile of socks looking for matches before asking, So... still a virgin? Molly chuckled until she looked into her friends face and saw a hint of fear in her eyes. Jacob and I had a long talk about things. Neither one of us is particularly comfortable with a romantic relationship. I love him, hes my brother, but I dont... love him, love him. Ya know? I guess so, she said as she folded the socks with a thoughtful expression. But that doesnt mean we arent willing to play around sometimes if youre involved. She looked up frowning. I dont understand. Last night I thought you said it perfectly. You and I are gonna be friends and I hope maybe a little more. Molly couldnt look at Camden as she said that. Youre gonna crush on Jacob no matter what. So for now, assuming you want to keep messing around, were in it together for you. Looking up she saw her friends shy smile. I was hoping. Camden folded the socks and added them to the pile. When they finished folding her clothes, Molly carried them back into her room to put them away. Camden followed and climbed up on the bed to watch her work. When she was done, Molly put the hamper back by the door and climbed up into bed and lay next to her best friend. It was weird being around Mom, Camden said at last. She always says I can tell her anything, but I cant imagine telling her this. So you like to kiss your best friend and have sex with her brother? Molly tried to laugh it off, but Camden didnt smile. You dont have to tell her about me. I wont act any different around you. Just say you and Jacob finally started getting serious. Its not like that would be unexpected at this point. Camden looked thoughtful for a moment. But thats not fair to you. I want to act differently around you. I cant imagine being in school and holding Jacobs hand but not holding yours. And Jacob accused me of wanting to put things in little boxes, Molly muttered. What do you mean? After you left this morning he went back to sleep but then said my worrying woke him up. He said I cant just let go and live in the moment. Hes right, of course. So am I hot nude muscle girls over-thinking this? Camden asked with a serious frown. Worry about Monday on Monday. Ill promise to stop worrying for the next two days if you stop. We have a steak dinner coming and after that we can do whatever the hell we want. I want to do something with both of you at once, Camden said with a wicked grin. Like what? I dont know, but I bet I can figure something ou

Part one- Jon's face lit up with a smile with Tim's suggestion of getting the swing and toys out. He turned away from and headed off to the storage closet located at the end of the room. Me and Sarah had talked extensively about her toy collection. Jon traveled a lot for work and one of his favorite past times while he was gone, was to seek out new sex shops and toys that he could bring home to use on Sarah. I knew from our talks that one of her recent favorites was a glove that had vibrating fingertips. She said that Jon looked like a robot with it on but that she could care less when he put those fingertips to use. I was about ready to explode just thinking about the possibility of seeing it in action. I turned my attention back to the bedroom and the action between Sarah and Tim. Tim still had a hand full of Sarah's hair and was holding her head in place while slowing face fucking her. Judging from what I had seen earlier, I didn't think the slowly part would last long and I was right. A few seconds later, Tim picked up the pace and I could hear how amelie mpl studios much Sarah was starting to salivate. Tim was being far from gentle. Ramming his cock into Sarah's mouth for a few strokes and then holding it all the way in until Sarah started to fight to breath. I knew Sarah liked breath play and that this was probably getting her even more excited and ready for what ever was coming next. I turned around for a second to see what Jon was up to and he had pulled a bunch of metal pieces and was beginning to assemble a frame of some sort. It didn't take long to go together and he went back into the closet and emerged with a winch that he hung from the top of the frame. He plugged it into the wall and looped the remote over one of the braces on the side of the frame. Jon then went back into the closet and brought out a sex swing that he hung from winch. Now I had never seen a sex swing in person before and my mind was going a million miles a minute. I just couldn't believe what in the hell was happening around me. This was stuff you see in porno's, not in real life. The bed creaking in Sarah's room made me turn my attention back in her and Tim's direction. Sarah was climbing back onto the bed but had her head hanging off of the end of it. She opened her mouth again and Tim said wider before burying his inch cock down her throat again. He returned to his fast pace and as I watched Sarah's face, I could see the tears building in her eye's. I could see a look of pure delight there too. It didn't matter how much pain this might be causing her, she was enjoying every second of it. I also understood why she had been complaining of her jaw and seeing a chiropractor twice a week for a while now. While all of that was happening, Jon had cleaned off the top of a long buffet style table that they had against one wall and loaded the top of it down with vibrators of every length and size that you could imagine. There was a series of flogs, paddles, and riding crops. Clothes pens, nipple clamps and y style clamps, anal beads and plugs, a couple of bullets, a vibrating cock ring, a magic wand, bondage tape, and of course, the magic glove. As I stared in awe at the assortment, Jon smiled and said, "That's just a small assortment". Which I knew was true from my talks with Sarah from before. She had told me that their collection now filled a complete drawer dresser and that the bigger items were in a tote. Jon then looked into the bedroom and yelled, "Hey you two, things are all set up out here." Tim looked over and nodded and started to slow his pounding of Sarah's throat. He finally stopped all together and pulled out of Sarah's mouth. He walked to the other side of the room and threw her a towel to clean up her face as she sat up on the bed. Sarah took a few minutes to compose herself before getting off of the bed and walking over towards me. Tim had already came out of the room and was admiring the selection of toys that Jon had laid out. Sarah came to a stop in front of me and turned around and shook her ass for me to see it jiggle. "So what do you think? Just as nice as you had imagined it would be?" she asked me. Now I'm a pretty shy guy in real life but have never really been when around her. I was speechless at this moment though. Sarah just kind of laughed and said "What's the matter, never thought you would see what you just saw? I've told you about my threesome's and what happens when Jon has his friends over before. I can take that all weekend and show up to work Monday morning looking no worse for the wear. Hell if you think that was rough, just think about the pounding I must have took when I broke my pelvis a few years ago." Sarah walked over to the swing and said "Ok guys, who is helping me in?" Jon and Tim both rushed over to her and helped her get all situated. They took the bondage tape and used it to secure her hands and feet to the harness. "No more helping yourself out now" Tim told her. "You can only cum when we let you the rest of the night." Sarah started to say something but Tim reached down and pinched her nipple so hard that I could see his fingers trembling. Sarah let out a whimper and then said, "Yes sir." Tim walked back over to the table and picked out a medium sized vibrator and turned it on. "This will do nicely" he said as he walked back over to Sarah. He took it and worked it up and down her pussy lips before resting it on her clit. Sarah started to moan and rock some in the swing. mpl studios galleries Tim didn't leave it there long though before taking it and slipping it in her pussy. As he worked it in and out slowly, Sarah let out some soft moans. Tim looked at her with a sly grin and said "liking that are you?" Sarah nodded her head in agreement and Tim just laughed while pulling it out. "What are you doing?" Sarah asked. Tim reached out and rubbed his fingers over her pussy lips and said "I think it's time for another work out." With that, Tim took the vibrator and shoved it into Sarah's ass. Sarah let out a gasp as Tim moved in between her legs and buried his still hard cock back into her pussy. He held Sarah by her hips again as he began to pound her hard but not as fast as earlier. The sensation of having both her ass and pussy filled clearly took Sarah's enjoyment to the next level. She was being louder than she had all night and telling Tim how good it felt to be filled up by such a big dick. Tim began to pick up his pace and Sarah's hands struggled against her bonds. Her moans and screams grew louder and louder until finally Tim looked at Jon and said "Why don't you do something about that?" Jon who had been standing over to the side watching Tim use his wife, walked over to Sarah's head and stuck his dick in her mouth. While somewhat smaller than Tim's inches, Jon was still had a pretty thick inch cock that you could tell Sarah enjoyed. Even though her head was hanging upside down again, you could tell that she knew just what Jon wanted. She worked slowly up and down the sides of his cock and sucked on his balls as he presented them to her. She then took it all back in her mouth and began to slowly bob her head up and down on it as Jon just closed his eyes and just looked up to the ceiling. I just stood there in amazement. Here is my best friend hanging from a sex swing, a vibrator in her ass, her neighbor pounding her pussy, all while giving her husband a blow job. I was so turned on and scared out of my mind at the same time. I didn't know what in the hell to do. Tim just looked at me and laughed. "Play with her if you want. She loves her nipples messed with" He said to me. I walked over to her and slowly reached out and touched her right breast. I followed the curve of it with my finger and then slowly reached up to her nipple. I squeezed it gently and then rubbed it between my fingers. Sarah arched her body up pushing her breast harder into my hand. I took that as a sign and got a little bit rougher. I squeezed harder and began to rub it forcefully. Then I remembered the nipple clamps and ran over to the table and got a set. I put one on each nipple and tightened them as hard as they would go. The set that I grabbed also had built in vibrators. I turned the left one on as high as it would go and then the right. Sarah released her hold on Jon's cock and let out another long moan. I continued to caress her body. Jon was taking more control of her mouth and was out face fucking her now. Stopping just long enough to take his cock out and slapping Sarah's face with it a few times while letting her regain her breath. Tim had changed up his rhythm and was now fucking her pussy in hard fast bursts and then slowly for a few minutes before picking up the pace again. I decided to get more bold and went and grabbed the magic wand. I turned it on to it's lowest setting and got in a position that allowed me to place it right up against Sarah's clit. I held it there and Sarah once again began struggling against her bindings so I knew she was enjoying it. I decided to tease her some and hold it on for a few minutes and then take it off every time that Tim picked up his pace. I could tell this was having the desired effect and that Sarah was getting ready to orgasm again. I looked up at Tim and he nodded at me. He picked up his pace again and began to pound her as hard as he could. I switched the magic wand from it's lowest setting to it's strongest and held it against her clit without moving it. Jon seeing what we were doing, buried his cock in her throat and held it there not allowing her to breath or cry out. It only took a few seconds before Sarah started convulsing in her strongest orgasm of the night. Tim couldn't hold it any longer and emptied his load into her already drenched pussy. Jon pulled his cock out of her mouth and Sarah coughed and gasped for air. I held the magic wand in place until Sarah came down from her high and then shut it off and placed it back on the table. Sarah hung there breathing heavy and finally said "Oh fuck, that was so intense." Tim was panting as well but walked back over to Sarah's face and said "You made a mess again, I suggest you clean it up" while sticking his cock in her mouth again. I could hear Sarah slurping again as she started working up and down Tim's cock. Jon moved over to Sarah's ass and pulled out the vibrator. "I think it's time that I reclaim what is rightfully mine." mpl studios masha He threw the vibrator on the table and slid a condom on before walking back over to Sarah. He slid his dick slowly into Sarah's ass and she let out a moan that was deadened but Tim's cock in her mouth. I was still unsure of what to do. My own dick was aching though and begging for attention. I was still dressed though and decided to remedy that situation first. So I headed back over to the bedroom that I was using and slipped off my clothes. I walked back over to Sarah and took the vibrating nipple clamps off of her and started to play with her nipples again. Tim had finally came to the realization that Sarah was going to be able to get him hard again and decided to go sit down on the chaise and enjoy the show. Jon took this as his clue to really lay into Sarah's ass and was fucking it with all of his might. Sarah was crying out with each thrust and begging for Jon to make her cum again. So Jon moved one of his hands from her hips and to her pussy. He worked on her clit and slipped a few fingers inside of her, all while not missing a beat with her ass. I could tell from her face that she was nude girls big breasts getting close again. That's when Jon took his fingers and started slapping her clit. That put her over the edge and she clamped down on Jon until he came too. The look on her face and the moans that she was emitting finally got to me. I reached down and started stroking my own cock knowing that I wouldn't last long. I spotted some kleenex's over on an end table and headed to grab a couple to let loose in. Sarah saw what I was doing though and yelled at me to get my ass back over there. "We don't waste cum in this house. Shoot it on my face." With that, she laid her head back and opened her mouth. I blew what was probably the biggest load of my life almost instantly. I managed to get a few strings into her mouth and the rest went all over her face and chest. She licked up as much as she could and then swallowed it while giving me the sexiest look I have ever seen. I don't know how I didn't blow another load right then and there while looking into those eyes. My anxiety and nerves though didn't let me get hard again right again right away. I went over and joined Tim on the chaise and he just looked at me and said "so, what do you think?" I responded with the only thing that came to mind. Holy Shit. Jon and Tim both decided that they were probably done for the night but didn't think Sarah should get off that early. So that next hours was filled with her being subjected to toy after toy. She was spanked, flogged, and had her clit hit with the riding crop over and over. This sent her into another very intense orgasm that I thought might cause her to pass out. She bounced right back though. To finish off the night, Jon brought out their sybian and we all took turns controlling it while forcing her to have orgasm after orgasm. I don't know how many times she came that night, but I was amazed that she was able to go for a bike ride by the river that afternoon. I never got to fuck her that night but while dropping me off at the airport the next morning, she said she wasn't letting me leave without getting another taste of my cum. So we climbed in the back of her suv mpl studios galleries and she gave me the best blow job of my life. As we kissed goodbye, she told me that I better get stronger anxiety meds because next time, I was going to be the main attractio