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I had this friend in college that we nicknamed Scary Carrie. She wasn't really scary, but she was a little eccentric and a bit Gothic so the name fit. Scary Carrie had a thing for this guy I was hooking up with. She asked me several times if I would be willing to offer him a threesome with her and I. The idea was hot, but I wasn't interested in sharing my hook up cock so I declined and enjoyed my man candy regularly by myself. Eventually our hookups ended and I met my dream man who I eventually married. And boy, he has a huge cock. Scary Carrie never asked to hookup with me and my eventual husband so I thought nothing of her advances, chalking it up to interest in my hookup. My college age years were a blur of so many sexual experiences. I guess I was pretty loose. I wouldn't sleep with just anyone, but my standards weren't very high. I hooked up with a number of my guy friends, and every once in a while I’d have a one night stand. I was a bitch though, I would take them home, suck and fuck them, then kick them out so I could sleep. I broke a lot of boy’s hearts back then. I even had two amazing nights I will never forget. The first one, I got drunk and high with two guys and I took them both on at once. I had a cock in each end of me and they swapped off a few times until each one shot a load in my pussy. That night was HOT! But wait, there’s more. A few days later, I took on three cocks at once. They took turns shooting their loads in my pussy until we all collapsed in exhaustion. Even hotter! College ended, everyone went their separate ways and I lost track of Scary Carrie. I’m about 18 years in on my marriage and I have been a very bad girl. While married, I had a fuck buddy 12 years younger than me. I had an affair with this guy off and on for 10 years. We were very naughty, fucking and sucking everywhere. I blew him in parking lots, he ate me out on his father’s couch, I even fucked him and blew him many times in our bed at home. My husband found out each time and we almost divorced several times, but I just had to have my boy candy every once in a while. Married fucking is awesome, my husband’s cock is huge, and he rocks my world, but I just needed different, and this boy does it for me. I just ended my fourth affair with my boy toy and one of the conditions of my husband taking me back, partially joking, was I had to set up a threesome with another woman for us, or just a woman to fuck him without me. This sounded fun. I immediately thought of Scary Carrie, who I had recently friend-ed on Facebook. She is pretty, and single, and lives close by. So I thought, why not? I jokingly brought it up to my husband, and he said he didn't remember what she looked like and asked if I had a current picture. So I showed him her profile on Facebook and he said point blank "yeah, I could fuck her if you wanted." BINGO! I fretted for days about how I could approach Scary Carrie about this. How do you ask another woman "would you fuck my husband with me?" I chose to chat back and forth with Scary Carrie for a while to get comfortable with talking with her. And then one day, I got up the courage. Instead of dancing around the topic, I flat out asked her. "Remember when you asked to have a threesome with my hookup back in college?" She said "yes, he was hot." Then I said, "Well, I know I turned you down back then, and don’t take this odd or anything, but would you be interested in joining my husband and I in bed sometime?" She said "Absolutely! I always thought your husband is sexy since you first started going out!" "In fact," she said "I thought about asking you for a threesome with him, but I saw how you two were falling for each other and he was more than just another hookup, so I didn't." I decided not to tell my husband. I told him a cover story that Carrie and I had set up a lunch date and that’s it. Meanwhile, Carrie and I planned the event and set our boundaries. I found out that Carrie had a little bit of a crush on me in College and that was the bigger reason she asked me to share my hook up. I told her I was a little curious about being with another woman and would like to try it with her. Carrie got excited about this. Then, when I told her how big my husband’s cock is, she didn't believe me until I showed her a picture of it against my face. It is as long as my head and fatter than my hands can go around. And it feels so good filling me up. That picture of my husband’s beautiful cock sealed the deal for her. She saw it and said "Oh my God, I have to wrap my lips around that thing, and I need that in my pussy!" She asked if I had any more pictures, so I showed her all the pictures we have been taking lately during our romps. She saw my lips in action around his cock and saw one picture where I had a butt plug in my ass while my husband’s cock was in my pussy, Carrie really liked that one! She said she would love to have her face under my pussy licking while he did this to me. The more we talked about what we could do to each other and what she could do to my husband, the hotter (and wetter!) I got. We compared lists of what "toys" we had, and if they could be used. Being single, she has a TON toys more than I do, and some of them sound a little scary! I believe Carrie has a bit of kink in her, fun! In the end, it was decided that there were no boundaries at all. We can do anything we want to each other, and I’d let her do anything to my husband, and he can do anything he wanted to do to her (and some for me hopefully!). Now I just had to wait in anticipation for the day of our "date." The hardest part was coming up with excuses for no sex for four days before our date because we usually can’t keep our hands off each other; random blow jobs, him eating me out, and quickies are common throughout our days. I don’t consider myself much of a looker, but my husband does. I am short, and I have a pot belly from having three kids, and my hips, thighs, and ass are larger than I’d like, but my husband LOVES my body. I do have very big tits and shapely legs if I do say so myself. I have a hard time keeping my husband’s hands and mouth off my tits and nipples most of the time, he loves them. I guess I’m comfortable saying my face is pretty too, but I hate my double chin...something my husband seems to be blind to. He says he loves my face, he has pictures of me all over the place. My husband doesn't think he is handsome, but he is. He is tall, medium build. Dark hair, dark, dreamy eyes, a nice beard and tasteful tattoos give him a little "bad boy" look, and he has the tiniest, cutest little bum. Really, his bum fits in my small hands. Oh, did I mention his 8" long, 6.5" circumference cock? BEAUTIFUL! He keeps the balls, shaft and between his ass and balls bare of hair and the surrounding crotch hair is kept trim. I love it, perfect for oral fun! The short pubes also make his cock look even bigger than it is. Scary Carrie is your average looking girl. She’s pretty, with blonde hair and blue eyes, but not a knockout. She has curves and she has nice breasts, though not anything near the size of mine. You could find yourself staring at her ass if she bent over in front of you for sure. Finally the day came! I told my husband we were going shopping then having dinner afterwards so he’ll be in charge of the kids when he gets home because we’ll already be gone when he came home from work. Of course that wasn’t true. I arranged the kids to be staying over at friends houses for the night so the whole house would be ours, and if my husband was lucky, we’ll need it all. I got out my toys, put in fresh batteries for my "power tools", and made sure everything was clean. I made sure there was lube everywhere in the house at arms length in case we needed it. Then I showered, shaved my legs, and shaved my pussy bare for a surprise. I put on bright red nail polish and spritzed myself with my husband’s favorite perfume. Then I went into the bedroom and I put on my black garter belt, my black thigh highs, my red spiked high heels, my open bust black "bra", and my red silk bathrobe and not a thing else and while I waited for Scary Carrie to show up, I watched threesome porn videos on the internet. If I had panties on, they would have been pretty wet, I ended up leaving a little wet spot on the couch where I sat and there is a small stain there to this day that reminds me of this night. Sometimes I look at that stain and remember things so vividly that I get wet again. Scary Carrie finally shows up. I let her in, we hug, then she plants a long, sexy kiss right on my lips and probed my mouth with her tongue. WOAH! She excused herself to use the powder room so I waited on the couch. When she came damn! She was wearing pink lace crotch-less panties, a pink lace see through bra, a pink lace garter belt hooked into pink thigh highs, a skimpy pink silk robe and topped off with pink high heels. She pulled the look off amazingly, I knew my husband would be pleased. We had an hour before he came home so we sat on the couch and talked. While talking she would stroke my leg, touch my face, fiddle with my hair, and "adjust" herself so her tits bounced my way. I was getting turned on, so I dove in and gave her a kiss like she did to me early. We ended up making out hot and heavy. I broke off from her and said "let’s go get the bedroom ready for my husband to come home." We barely got through the door and our lips were attached to each other fine art erotica again. I guided her to the bed and we collapsed in a pile of hot flesh. Our hands explored each other as our lips and tongues continued their dance. Slowly, our fingers found their way to each other’s pussies and began exploring. Soon we were both moaning and thrusting our hips on each other’s hands. Scary Carrie whispered in my ear "have you ever had your pussy licked by a woman?" I swear I became so wet that I leaked a little as I answered "no, but I am very ready to right now." Scary Carrie moved her lips slowly, sensually down my body, dragging her tongue and nibbling as she went until she got to my breasts. She pushed my tits together so she could flick her tongue across both nipples at the same time. This got a loud moan out of me. She continued her trip south until her lips sat at the very top of my pussy. I could feel her breath on my lips. She snaked her fingers in between my thighs and slowly parted my lips. I held my breath in anticipation for my first female sex experience. Her tongue gently licked the outer folds of my pussy and flicked my clit until it was engorged. Then she sucked my clit into her mouth and rolled it between her lips and tongue until I arched my back and moaned. She stuck two of her fingers into my pussy and explored for my g-spot. Once she figured where it was, she began stimulating it while increase the attention her tongue was giving to my clit. I was soon on the edge of orgasm when she stopped her tongue temporarily and said "just wait until you can watch your husband fuck my ass while I do this to you," and bent back down to increase the tempo of her lapping. This sent me all the way over into orgasm world. I bucked my hips against her face, grabbed her hair and pushed her head into my crotch and screamed in ecstasy. That’s when my husband burst in through the door. Imagine the look on his face when he sees a scantily clad woman buried in my thighs with her ass sticking straight up at him and my face in the throws of orgasm. I swear he got an instant boner; we could see the tip sticking up over the top of his jeans. While I continued convulsing, Scary Carrie turned around and said to my husband "are you ready for a night full of fucking?" as she unzipped my husbands pants and pulled them down. Out popped his massive cock, almost hitting her in the face. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "this is even bigger than I imagined from the pictures, I can’t wait to get it inside me!" And with that, she opened her mouth and jammed his dick down her throat as far as she could get it, then tightened her lips on the shaft and slowly drew up his cock, her clenching hand following in a twisting motion until she got to the tip, then she flicked that wonderful tongue across the top of his cock. I finally stopped orgasming and said "hey, no fair, I want some too!" and crawled over to my husband’s cock and shoved her face out of the way saying "watch, this is how you blow my husband." And I bobbed my mouth up and down his shaft rapidly while twisting my head and twisting my clenched hand up and down his head too. This elicited a loud moan from my husband. Not wanting him to blow yet, I stopped, sat at the edge of bed next to Scary Carrie and said "oops, we meant to surprise you and allow you to unwrap us." He said "who the fuck cares, this is fucking hot, by the way, hi, how are you doing Carrie?" Scary Carrie says "I’m OK, but I will be much better when your cock is inside me and my tongue is in Sarah’s pussy." Holy smokes this girl is a hottie. Well that night went on for what seemed forever. We would fuck, fall asleep, wake up and fuck again. Somehow my husband managed to blow his load in her mouth, my mouth, my pussy, and her ass. Scary Carrie licked me to orgasm together. My husband and I licked Scary Carrie to orgasm together. My husband fucked Scary Carrie in her pussy and ass while she licked me. He fucked me in my pussy while I licked Scary Carrie. We even got the toys involved. Scary Carrie has this massively thick double ended dildo. My husband began fucking both of us at the same time with it; our tits pressed together and we kissed and nibbled each other. Then he slid his cock into Scary Carrie’s ass and fucked her until she came. Then he shoved his dick inside my pussy right beside the dildo so I was double stuffed. He stuck his finger in my asshole too so I felt triple stuffed. I exploded in orgasm so hard that I squirted. I could not believe when Scary Carrie said "oh goody!" and licked my juices off my husband cock, that was when he blew his load in her mouth. Later Scary Carrie and I sucked and stroked his cock at the same time. We’d slide our tits on either side of it, use our hands to stroke, put our lips on either side of the shaft, whatever we could do to please him. When he said "I’m coming!" I pounced on that dick and let him blow his entire load in my mouth. I caught it all, and after he stopped spurting, I sucked what was left inside his penis. Then I went to Scary Carrie and french kissed her with his semen still in my mouth. Her eyes opened wide when she went to explore the inside of my mouth with her tongue and she tasted that. We transferred his cum back and forth between our mouths, sucking it off each other’s tongues and playing mplstudios with each other’s tits and pussy until we both exploded in orgasm again. Watching this made my husband hard again. So while we played with his cum, he pushed us over onto Scary Carrie’s back and he climbed between our legs and planted his cock firmly in my pussy. While he bucked against my hips, Scary Carrie looked sexily into his eyes while playing with his semen and my mouth. I felt him get harder when she ran her semen covered tongue over her lips. That is how he blew a load in my pussy. By then we were spent and needed another break. Scary Carrie went into her bag and pulled out the biggest butt plug I have ever seen and a jar of lube called Anal Fun. With a wicked grin on her face, she slathered up the plug and her ass and slowly inserted it all the way in her ass. Then she said "there, now I will be all stretched for your cock when we wake up." I grinned up at my husband and he said to me "have I told you how much I love you?" We slept in a pile of naked body parts, sweat, pussy juices, and semen, and we slept like the dead. My husband and I were woken up by moaning noises. We opened our eyes and witnessed Scary Carrie fucking her ass with the plug and her pussy with a rabbit vibrator. And at that moment, she flew into a convulsing orgasm. Once her body stopped jerking around, she says "I’m ready for an ass fucking, how about you?" and grabbed my husband’s cock and squeezed. Then she grabbed both sides of my face and began making out again. This time she pushed me down onto my back and continued her assault on my mouth, neck, and tits. My husband is not one to miss an opportunity to fuck an ass so we didn't even have to ask him, he just began lubing up his cock with a grin. When my husband slid his cock slowly into Scary Carrie’s ass, she moaned into my mouth. I slid my hand between us until I found her clit and I began to play with her pussy while my husband fucked her in her ass. She obviously has had plenty of experience ass fucking, because my husband slammed her ass and buried his entire length into her. He bucked her so hard and when he bottomed out, she would moan. It didn’t take long until I heard him grunt out "I’m going to cum!" I felt Scary Carrie tighten her ass around his cock seconds before he blew his final load inside her ass. Scary Carrie’s body shook like she was shivering. I could see her eyes roll back into her head. I seriously thought she was having a medical episode. mplstudios Then my husband collapsed on top of her and we ended up rolling over onto our sides as one unit, his cock still inside her. After a few minutes of recovering, He began to withdraw and Scary Carrie says "oh no, you aren't taking that wonderful cock out of my ass yet. I love to leave the cock in there and feel it slowly deflate while I fall asleep. So all three of us fell asleep again in each others arms and my husband’s cock in my friend’s ass. That was all we could handle, and I did need to get our kids soon, so when we woke up we all climbed into the shower and took turns washing each other off. No sex, just wonderful caressing, kissing, and hugging. After our shower we all got dressed and began our good byes. Scary Carrie says "hey, I know all you guys used to call me Scary Carrie in college. It really didn’t bother me, because honestly, I don’t think you guys could have handled my kink back then so you should have been scared of me." My husband says "well, we certainly are not going to call you Scary Carrie anymore, that’s for sure. Can we see you again, Sexy Carrie? Soon?" Sexy Carrie smiled and said "sure, I’m free next weekend if you two are." Unfortunately I would be working a full shift ending late, but to my husband’s surprise, I say "sorry, I gotta work, but I can line up a sitter again if you two want to play. Maybe when I get out of work, if Sexy Carrie has left any cum inside you, I can see if I can coax the rest out. If not, I may have to lick it out of Sexy Carrie." With an ear to ear grin, Sexy Carrie says "sounds like a plan, I’ll bring my pleasure and pain suitcase for our date" and she kissed him while squeezing his balls through his jeans. "Don’t worry, I’ll burn you a copy of the video, hun" she said then kissed me while her hand squeezed my tit. Sexy Carrie abruptly broke free and sauntered down the path to her car, her sexy ass swaying back and forth enough that we could see a wet spot at her crotch. I look at my husband and say "well, let’s see if you have anything left in your tank, shall we? Sexy Carrie left her butt plug and lube to help me stretch out for you and after last night, watching you shoot your load up her ass, I just have to masha mpl pl studios feel the same right now." We waved, closed the door and started a session that is best left for another time. And that is how Scary Carrie became Sexy Carri