Moving Vehicle Registration Number to another Vehicle

The DVLA has updated their V317 form as of 23rd of February 2018 and this form is the one required to move a vehicle registration number from one vehicle to another so it is important that you are keeping up to date with the changes or you risk having your request denied by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.
The V317 form serves two purposes, the first is to allow you to keep a vehicle registration number and put it onto another vehicle which is known as a registration number transfer and is often carried out by people when purchasing a new vehicle. The second is that you can keep the registration number and put it on a certificate for safekeeping, this is often carried out when people are selling their car but have not yet got a replacement.
The New V317 document can be found here: . You will need to print the form and carefully fill it in with all of your details & your vehicles details, also make sure you include the £80 fee made payable to the DVLA via cheque, bankers draft or a postal order and include it with your application.
In order to move a vehicle registration number to another vehicle or move it to a certificate you will need the vehicle to exist and be registered with the DVLA, you must be the registered keeper of the vehicle you are taking number off or are going to become the registered keeper shortly. The vehicle must be taxed or been declared SORN. The vehicle must be able to move by its own power and be available for inspection and it must pass a MOT or GVT test to ensure it is road worthiness.
If you require any additional forms you can find them on the DVLA website or can have them sent to you, likewise if you have any questions you can contact them by post or phone. If you need to get in contact with the DVLA for any reason use the DVLA Contact Number website.