Moving for love

You heard what happened to your cousins boyfriend? He just got signed to a football club in Portugal. It is not one of the clubs many persons know about but what will Sheila, your cousin, do. There were rumours that they were thinking of getting married. It seems your cousin may be in quite a situation.
Sheila seems ecstatic about the move as his career in football looked as if it would have ended before it really began after that injury he suffered from that horrendous car crash they were both in. Still her response to the news seems somewhat odd when you consider the job she has. The job pays well and has plenty of room for advancement. They even stepped up and helped her out when she also was injured in the same crash. She must really love him if she is considering moving with him.
The football club is apparently in the second division and they will have to stay in a property Algarve owned. Which means the club is getting financial help from the local authorities so they themselves dont have much assets.
Apparently the reason Sheila is not so put off by moving to Portugal is that her expertise would be a perfect fit for one of the many new hotels going up over there, or so she says. Still that is one brave move. You dont see that many women dedicated to their partners as Sheila is.
The villas
The property Algarve though not owned by the football club is run by them. You should see them. Absolutely lovely villas. They have ample land space. The lawns are green and lush and if they end up having children they would have plenty of space to play. They even have a medium sized pool in the backyard. It is also not to far from the famous Lagos party strip. The weather is absolutely lovely. Nothing like our lukewarm summers and frigid winters. She will experience real sunshine when its summer time and can may never have to worry about snow storms again.
Vacation dream
The more you look at it is the more you start to think maybe she has got ulterior motives for moving there. Just joking. She really loves him but if they plan to get married over there it will be a problem for us to have to go all the way over there for a wedding. Though if Sheila can hook us up with some hotel rooms, especially in Lagos then you should start packing from now. You should know the night life in Lagos is to die for. You need to speak to your cousin about that from now because if she can manage to pull that then the summer they decide to get married will possibly be one of my best summers ever.
When you ask her though try to get her to get us a villa like the one property Algarve where she and her football boyfriend will be staying. Those villas are like the stuff of dreams and it will definitely rank high on my vacation list. Read More