moving day

Today Son #2 (addict on methadone) and I moved a bed over to his place.  At my house, we're making room for a sleeper sofa, so we gave him our extra bed.  We had a good time.  After we set it up at his house, we went for teriyaki and enjoyed it together, chatted while working and eating.  He now has an interest in having breakfast and coffee after his dose, goes to his house and reads the paper.  Always has an interest in current events when he's not high.  And an interest in people.  Is good company.The strange thing was, when we were dismantling the bed at my house, there was a fake MonsterEnergy container left under the bed by my other son.  It's one that can contain weed but looks like the can until you pick it up and the weight is not right.  #2 wanted to make sure I let Dad know about it, and to make sure I told #1 that we'd found it.And the truth, #1 is 22 and still working at a Quizno's.  These are bright boys.  Their dad is a lawyer, mom finished college recently, and they both have all kinds of talents.I had occasion to talk to #1 and actually forgot about mentioning my find -there were other issues on the table--but he brought up how he's just got to find a better-paying job and can't stand it that he's not making enough money to get by.  I completely suspect that weed has a bigger role in his dilemma than he wants to admit.  But I guess he sinks or swims by his own lights now that he's trying to run his own life. He's also confided in me that he's unhappy with just about all his relationships, male and female.  Again, I suspect this is something that he has to find the key to.