Motors and types of Motors

It is sure to say that we are leading the life in the advancements of electric world. In the electric world, computer revolution and the mobile revolution are happening to the peak level. Kindly, be update yourself of happening internet revolutions in the world. Human beings are requires to use the types of the cellular phone applications and the computer applications to accomplish many tasks in day-to-day life. Knowingly or unknowingly, all the devices, building structures and almost all of the things invented or created based on the concept of engineering application only. Can we see the meaning for the term application called “Engineering”? The application of practical knowledge in the world of social, science and economy in order to design, maintain and improve the body structures , devices is called engineering. The world of engineering is really broad and includes of sub-category subjects. At present, lot of youths coming out of schooling take interest in choosing the career pathways in the engineering only. Electro mechanics is the one of the fields in engineering includes electrical cum mechanical processes. It also includes the procedures in electrical and the mechanical engineering’s. One converts the electrical energy to the mechanical energy is called electric motor. Types of motors in the world are permanent magnet dc motor and the treadmill motor. Actually, motor is the device that produces the motion. Types of motors are 12v dc motor, AC motor, Synchronous motor and Induction motor. DC motor is an electric motor that runs on the direct electricity only. The brushed DC electric motor is designed to be run from direct current power source. Servo motor is a type of electric motor that operates a servo. The concept of servo is commonly used in the robotic field only. In the vehicles, starter motor is for the internal combustion engines.
The above details are just the few drops of the rain only. To know more details, surf the web pages on the internet to be get aware about the motor in the engineering field. Types of invented motors are useful to the human beings in types of field.