Most States Lag In Health Insurance Sign-ups

Also, officials are unable to say how many of those who signed up were previously uninsured the ultimate test of Obama's hard-fought overhaul. And they don't know how many have sealed the deal by paying their premiums. The numbers showed an uptick in the number of young adults signing up, now 25 percent of the total. Officials expect a last-minute surge of 18- to 34-year-olds before the end of open enrollment on March 31. Their premiums are needed to help with the cost of care for older adults. Overall, 4 in 5 of those signing up were eligible for financial assistance with their premiums or out-of-pocket expenses.

The 10 Places Where Health Insurance Costs The Least

This ranking is based on the lowest cost of a silver plan, the midrange plan most consumers are choosing. What sets these bargain markets apart? They tend to have robust competition among hospitals and doctors, allowing insurers to wrangle lower rates. Top 10 places with best insurance bargains, ranked by monthly premium: $154: Minneapolis-St. Paul $164: Pittsburgh and Northwestern Pennsylvania $166: Middle Minnesota $180: Western and North Central Minnesota. $181: Chattanooga, Tenn.