Most amazing video production company in NYC

Click Play Films is an award winning animation studio. Animation is one of the most beautiful forms of expression through video. nyc production companies  use cutting edge technology and the latest animation systems to produce award winning animated videos for clients all over the world.  Any business whether small or big which has a strong Internet presence knows the importance of great SEO content. Today we are living in a fast world, where people need to be in time everywhere and so they hardly get time to sit and read the information which are just in wording, so you have to have something that will help set your business apart. Something that makes them wants to stay and continue to read or watch about your website and related product.   This can be explained with the help of videos, and the videos which are used in this sector are called as corporate videos. From simple motion graphics, explainer videos and whiteboard animations to advanced CGI and VFX, their production capabilities are boundless. Furthermore, at Click Play Films, you can find the intersection of animation and live action video.
Videos are attractive and impressive and hence are great tool of communication. There are many elements that make a high quality animation, and Click Play Films has been established as the go to animation studio for some of the most sought after brands in the world. From 2D animation to 3D animation, they not only focus on the story, but also on the composition and execution of making the animation as alive and approachable as possible. The Animation team works hand in hand with live action directors to produce spots that can marry the two forms of video production and the results are stunning. Regardless of the type or purpose of the video you want to produce, animation can really differentiate you from the rest of the videos out there. With animation, you are not bound by the physical constraints of this world. Animation can take you where video cannot.
Some of the video types which Click Play Films are special for are:
1.            Corporate Videos
2.            Business Videos
3.            Instructional Videos
4.            Corporate Films and Documentaries
5.            Product Videos
6.            Promotional Videos
7.            CEO Videos
8.            Training Videos
9.            Marketing Videos
10.          Recruitment Videos
11.          Educational Videos
12.          Medical Video Production
13.          Healthcare Video Production
14.          Educational Videos